Reviews roundup – Ayden Jacobs vs. Siren’s Sky vs. Natve

Reviews roundup – Ayden Jacobs vs. Siren’s Sky vs. Natve

51awbb2beyil-_ss500THE AYDEN JACOBS BAND
The Ayden Jacobs Band

It really makes you sick, so it does. Fresh faced, still in school and sickeningly talented. That’s Ayden Jacobs that it, a Canadian fret whizz kid who learned at the feet of Earl Johnson from Canadian legends Moxy.

He’s already been out on the road knocking out his brand of vontage classic rock and has now stepped into the studio to record his first EP. Alongside him in his power trio format are Andy Narsingh on bass guitar (who also produced it) and Mike Thorne who hits the drums for legendayr proggers Saga.

And it’s a very enjoyable EP. The three original tunes are well written and presented and even if his singing voice isn’t as polished as his guitar playing there is a lot for fans of classic hard rock to warm to. The lead track “Don’t Tell Me” is the best of the three but I reckon we’ll hear a lot more from young Master Jacobs.



6182bo-g2bukl-_ss500SIREN’S SKY

Well that’s me told. I whapped this on expecting some classic prog rock. Well you would. Siren’s Sky. Cosmic. The cover art. It all screams prog. But turns out that this is a Dutch eighties influenced pop rock project led by songwriter and guitarist Herbert Kaptein.

It’s also a reissue of sorts, as it comprises the 2015 EP ‘Forever’ and its 2016 follow-up ‘Heal You’. He’s worked with an assortment of female vocalists over the years before settling on Lydia Salnikova and she certainly adds to the material.

It’s that Big Pop sound which found favour thirty years back when U2, Simple Minds and Big Country were doing their thing and it that happens to be yours, then the mix of old school and more modern indie pop may well float your boat. The winners for me were “Heal You” and “Soulmates”, songs which really reach out to you.


Pool Swimmer Records

Well I’m sorry CJ Caffrey but you’re well past it. Nineteen years old! That’s positively pensionable next to the aforementioned Ayden Jacobs.

However, he is working in a very different idiom which is a sort of jangly, Paisley pop, nineties indie sort of thing. None of which are my thing. But there is no doubt that Natve can play the guitar. It’s the songs that dont’t work for me. Regardless of that, there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate being pointed in his direction.

The four tunes on offer passed me by, bar the opening “Ethereal” which really does have some delightful guitar work. One for the Shindig fans out there.





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