Reviews roundup – The Wild! vs. Le Folli Arie vs. Myall-Lake

Reviews roundup – The Wild! vs. Le Folli Arie vs. Myall-Lake

71ajudmw-1l-_sl1213_THE WILD!
Wild At Heart
Steamhammer / SPV

If you’re going to use an exclamation point in your band name then you’d better have the cojones to back it up. The latest band to have a go at this tricky trick are Canadian rockers The Wild! and they’ve actually had a square go at pulling it off.

They actually had little choice but to be in a rock band what with their parents having christened them Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar, The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals, Boozus – Bass/Vocals and my favourite, Reese Lightning – Drums. You were hardly likely to become a chartered accountant with that name.

No surprise then to relate that they deal in grubby biker rockith the requisite Motorhead influences on tunes like “Ready To Roll” and “Rattlesnake Shake”. They also throw in some blue rock and southen rock to their sound to end up like a mix between Rhino Bucket and ‘Long Cold Winter” era Cinderella. It sounds great th a cracking production courtesy of Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page, Metallica, Van Halen), and is the kind of thing you really need o hear in a dingy bar late on a Saturday night.

If you love bands like Airbourne and Buckcherry, then this will be your new best friends.



71oae9ehnzl-_sl1222_LE FOLLI ARIE
Le Folli Arie

By way of contrast it’s to Italy now for some progressive rock. Le Folli Arie are the band in question who seem to have a real fondness for melodic seventies prog.

Which is no bad thing especially when the music is as vibrant and enthralling as the majority of this record proves to be. For sure, I’ve no idea what most of the songs are about, what with them being in Italian but they do bung some English language tunes as well for the monolingual amongst us.

As mentioned above it’s very melodic with most of the material being built up from a solid bedrock of classy pop songs. Listen carefully to the hooks in songs like “Salto nel buio” and “Non è facile” and you’ll hear what I’m on about. When they’re not harking back to the seventies sound of PFM they’re dipping into Hogarth era Marillion, all of which makes for very pleasant listening.



The System Will Fail

To Switzerland and Myall-Lake, a band who’ve been on the go for 35 years now, which means they’ve actually performed in front of every single living Swiss person at some point over the years..

Given their vintage it’s no great surprise to learn that they specialise in late seventies / early eighties hard rock. They’ve got a good groove in their sound and there are plenty of enjoyable melodies and harmonies in their music, allied to a band who’re all very good at their respective jobs.

The title track, “Icebreaker” and “Out Of My Mind” certainly stand up to repeat plays and in Chris Hugli they’ve got a very strong vocalist to lead the line. However not all the songs are quite up to the same standard. It’s a shame because this comes with a good production and a lot of musical ability. It’s probably the sort of record you’d want to sample before you buy but fans of mainstream eighties hard rock should certainly consider it.



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