Reviews roundup – Jim Lauderdale vs. Lucid Dream vs. Dog’n’Style

Reviews roundup – Jim Lauderdale vs. Lucid Dream vs. Dog’n’Style
918tm71-afl-_sl1500_JIM LAUDERDALE
London Southern

Southern soul meets country from darkest London. That’s what Jim Lauderdale is serving up on his latest album. Even if it is South London that was the location rather than the balmy Southern states.

It’s a fine set of songs as you would expect from someone who has had tunes recorded by the likes of Gary Allan, Mark Chesnutt, The Dixie Chicks, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless and George Strait. Those kind of people get to pick the cream of the crop and that’s what Lauderdale produces.

This record features co-writes with Dan Penn and John Oates amongst others and as well as country soul he touches on most aspects of roots music as he wends his way through some superior tunesmithery. You can’t go wrong with a strong voice, a sympathetic production that keeps the focus on the songs and, of course, the songs themselves.

There are some killers here with the top of the heap being reserved for “I Love You More”, “We’ve Only Got So Much Time Here” and “You Came To Get Me”. A great reord from top to bottom.

61mqmr21usl-_ss500LUCID DREAM

Forward! To Italy! And to some prog rock courtesy of the trio Lucid Dream. That’s guitarist Simone Terigi, vocalist Alessio Calandriello, and bassist Gianluca Enroico, along with some assorted guest players.

They’re still a relatively new band although they’ve already got some albums under their belt and the emphasis in their prog rock is firmly on the rock. There are even a couple of times where they stray into prog metal ala Savatage but they make a mighty fine racket wherever they land.

The vocals will be an acquired taste for some but Geddy Lee never did Rush any harm and that’s where the singing here is headed. Allied to some excellent musical performances and a few strong songs and there is no reason that Lucid Dream shouldn’t do the business in their chosen genre.

The best for me included “The Ring of Power” and “Magnitudes” but there is a lot here for fans of hard edged prog rock to enjoy.


Pub’s Calling
Dooweet /Seasons of Mist

Despite the name of the band and the album this isn’t some eighties throwback sleaze metal offering. More’s the pity. Nope, this French band are actually a slightly punky, biker metal meets stoner hybrid.

They brought out a self-titled debut EP a couple of years back and will be hoping this brings them to the attention of legions of new followers. It won’t of course because there is a finite audience for this style of music, usually about 3pm on the second stage of a Euro metal festival.

But that’s not to say this isn’t an enjoyable listen because it is. After all I was brought up during the NWOBHM when slightly scaffy metal bands were all the rage. So when someone crosses Nashville Pussy, The Almighty and Motorhead then my ears will be pricked. Songs like “Pretty Fly”, “Never Trust An Asshole” and “Couple Of Beers” don’t hit those heights but they make for a fine romp. One for your tattooed Uncle who never takes off his Fireball Ministry T-shirt.




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