Clive Nolan – “King’s Ransom” Album and “The Fire and the Quest”

“King’s Ransom” Album and “The Fire and the Quest”


Clive is just finalising recordings on his new musical. The grand premiere of “King’s Ransom” will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on September 2nd 2017 and will coincide with the release of the album on CD. The Cheltenham show will hopefully be filmed for DVD. The premiere will be part of the second edition of “The Fire and the Quest” festival featuring theatre productions of “Alchemy” (September 1st), “King’s Ransom” (September 2nd) as well as the acoustic show (September 2nd) with Clive Nolan and his special guests, including Christina Booth, Paul Manzi, Scott Higham, Mark Westwood, Kylan Amos, Agnieszka Swita, Elisabeth Ellingsen and more.


Tickets for the event are available online at:

Pre-ordered tickets will support financing the “King’s Ransom” CD.


Detailed information available at:


Watch “King’s Ransom” trailer at:


The cast of the shows:


Alchemy (September 1st):

Clive Nolan: Professor King

Elisabeth Syrdahl Ellingsen: Amelia Darvas

Guy Barnes: William Gardelle

Gemma Ashley: Eva Bonaduce

Andy Sears: Lord Henry Jagman

Chris Lewis: Thomas Anzeray/ Milsoh

Verity White: Mrs Muncey/Jessamine

Ross Andrews: Ben Greaves/Captain Farrell


King’s Ransom (September 2nd):

Clive Nolan: Professor Samuel King

Gemma Ashley: Eva Bonaduce

Guy Barnes: William Gardelle

Verity White: Dr. Josephine Kendrick

Robbie Gardner: Tom Worthy

Chris Longman: Colonel Luther Scovil

Zoe Davenish: Helena Blake

Ian Baldwin: Captain Fergus Maunder

Chris Lewis: Edwin Deeks

Ross Andrews: Edwin Deeks

Joy-Amy Wigman: Martha Kitson

Emily Frechter: Paper Boy

Natalie Barnett: Roza Yakovna



The cast of King’s Ransom CD:

Professor Samuel King – Clive Nolan

Eva Bonaduce – Gemma Ashley

William Gardelle – Guy Barnes

Dr. Josephine Kendrick – Verity White

Tom Worthy – Robbie Gardner

Colonel Luther Scovil – Chris Longman

Helena Blake – Christina Booth

Captain Fergus Maunder – Alan Reed

Edwin Deeks – Chris Lewis

Jacob Alderdyce – Ross Andrews

Martha Kitson – Joy-Amy Wigman

Paper Boy – Emily Frechter

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