Reviews roundup – The Weeks vs. The Ghost Town Rebellion vs. Nighon vs. Midnight Sounds


Reviews roundup – The Weeks vs. The Ghost Town Rebellion vs. Nighon vs. Midnight Sounds

71voineyqcl-_sl1200_1THE WEEKS
Lightning Rod Records

Apparently the earlier albums by The Weeks were southern rock records. I’m almost tempted to track them down because that would make them radically different from this one. Because ‘Easy’ is by the numbers indie-rock.

According to bassist Damien Bone, “We just wanted to make a rock record. We weren’t as concerned making it a southern rock record. The southern thing is always going to part of what we do.”

Well you hide it well because this could be any mainstream indie band looking for some crossover appeal. There is the odd half decent melody which gets you tapping your foot with “Ike” and “Hands on the Radio” the best of them but that aside there is nothing hear to lift it out of the ordinary.



614fprontal-_ss500THE GHOST TOWN REBELLION
Urbs Indomita
No Pants Records

The Ghost Town Rebellion reckon they are an Americana, blues, folk/rock combo similar to Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains and Tom Petty. So quite where the Americana, blues and folk/rock comes into play is anyones guess. To be fair you can sometimes pick out a lap steel and a banjo.

What they are is an above average, mainstream, modern rock band. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Which means there is a wee bit of grunge in there, some mainstream nu-metal licks and a few classic rock melodies.

It helps that they’ve got some good songs in there, so numbers like “The Delta Kings”, “”Expressway” and “Sacramento” stand up to repeated plays. They don’t have that one killer tune yet which would push them on their way but with strong arrangements and performances they could get there yet. Shame about the closing Bruce Springsteen cover but that aside this is a decent offering.



The Somme

Finlandia! Metal! And a concept album about the First and Second World Wars with a broader theme of war in general. That’s what you’re getting from Nighon a band who’ve been on the go for nigh on ten years now.

There’s is a slightly strange mix of symphonic, industrial and straight ahead metal but it holds together very well indeed. They even go for the clean female vocals / male growl approach so favoured in the modern world of metal.

This is their second release following on from ‘Cor Oblivionis’ in 2014 and they’ve certainly went for something quite ambitious here. They’ve also got some great riffs to hang on to as well as a strong sense of dynamics which really pushes the music forward. Tunes like “The Dirge”, “Lest We Forget” and “Scharnhorst” really do have a forceful impact, compelling you to stop and listen.

It’s a forceful record that manages to stand out in a crowded metal world and is definitely worth checking out.




51-ew2bo8i5l-_ss500MIDNIGHT SOUNDS
Chapter I

We’re going to finish out now with some Spanish prog rock from Midnight Sounds.

And they’ve done quite well here as they throw in some metal and fusion into their basic prog mix. They’re certainly good musicians who definitely know what they’re trying to do here and it’s a flawless presentation of their skills.

It’s their debut album and it’s self released so you can give them some leeway when it comes to the production. A bit more time and money would have made all the difference to the stronger material like “Break the Spell”, “Crash of Comets” and “The Wishing Well”. However not all the material is out of the same top drawer as those ones, so next time around some exernal quality control might come in handy.

That said the sheer variety they display is invigorating and ambitious so prog fans in need of some new sounds could give this a chance.




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