‘Follow The Money’ S2 DVD release on 10 April

Nordic Noir & Beyond is thrilled to announce the DVD Box Set release of the complete second season of the Danish financial crime thriller Follow the Money on Monday 10th April 2017.  The series premiered at 9pm on BBC Four on Saturday 4th March.

Follow the Money takes us into the world of economic crime in the banks, on the stock exchanges, and in the board rooms. It is the story of speculators, swindlers, corporate moguls and the crimes they commit in their hunt for wealth. It is also the story of the rich, the poor, the greedy and the fraudulent who’ll go to any lengths to build the lives of our dreams.

A seemingly insignificant investigation into a small carpentry business that went bankrupt under mysterious circumstances catches Mads’ (Thomas Bo Larsen) attention, and soon he gets wind of a huge case involving a major bank. Claudia (Natalie Madueño), who has paid dearly for her involvement in Energreen, is now given an opportunity to atone for all the wrong choices she made, whilst Nicky’s (Esben Smed Jensen) unique skills earn him an exciting job, albeit at a high price.

Follow the Money’s critical acclaim continues to grow after beating Trapped for Best Non-English Language Drama Series at London’s C21Drama Awards last November. Earlier this month, Follow the Money received six ‘Robert Prisen’ nominations and won ‘Best (Long) TV Series for DR’. Additionally, Per Fly claimed ‘Best Director’, Jeppe Gjervig Gram ‘Best Writer’ and Thomas Bo Larsen ‘Best Actor’. The trophy for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ went to newcomer Esben Smed.


Release Date Monday 10th April 2017
Language Danish (English subtitles)
Rating 15
Format DVD
Number of Episodes 10
Running Time 582 mins
Catalogue Number FCD 1498

Nordic Noir & Beyond Official Website


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