Reviews roundup – Sinner vs. Sisters Doll vs. Kevin McGuire vs. Orfila vs. Jessie Galante

Reviews roundup – Sinner vs. Sisters Doll vs. Kevin McGuire vs. Orfila vs. Jessie Galante

Tequila Suicide

Mat Sinner likes to keep busy. As well as his name sake band he works with Primal Fear, Rock Meets Classic project and Voodoo Circle, and this is his eighteenth album under his own name. And it’s another enjoyable heavy metal release.

Produced alongside Dennis Ward it’s got a few all star guests in the shape of Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Black Star Riders), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear) and Pete Lincoln (Sailor, Sweet) but it’s very much another Sinner album in the fine tradition of eighties heavy metal.

A lot of the songs are very traditional which suits me fine as he blasts through some great tunes, chock full of melody although he is happy to dip into the likes of power metal for “Dragons” or even folk metal on “Battle Hill”. There are a couple of songs which would have been video hits back in the day with “Road To Hell” and “Go Down Fighting” top of the list. It even ends with a power ballad on “Dying On A Broken Heart”.

Maybe it’s because he’s always got something on the go but Mat SInner does’t seem to get the recognition he deserves for a great body of work. Get it sorted now.



613tchqgnvl-_ss500SISTERS DOLL
All Dolled Up

Well that was a surprise. I looked at the picture and just assumed it was another Scandinavian glam rock band. But turns out that Sisters Doll who are actually three brothers are from Australia! That must have been fun growing up.

And it is glam rock more than glam metal as, despite their appearance, they’re looking more to seventies Kiss than eighties Pretty Boy Floyd. Which, despite the lure of leather boyz with electric toyz, is a good thing. Hell, they’ve even saved up their pocket money to buy a guitar solo from one time Kiss man Bruce Kulick.

They first came to light on Australia’s Got Talent last year and have put together a very enjoyable album of throwback glam. It’s actually their second album with debut ‘‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ having been released in 2012 and if you miss Tigertailz and yearn for some wham bam, thank you glam, then you won’t go far wrong with the likes of “Good Day To Be Alive”, “Dancing With The Devil” or Young, Wild & Free”.

If they could thrown in a few inappropriate apostrophes the glam world will be theirs for the taking.


17190473_1486127884764833_4808520786596804690_nKEVIN McGUIRE
Alright, Tonight!

Here’s the lead single from the latest EP from Scots country singer Kevin McGuire. Come back! He’s nae Sydney Devine.

As I’ve said before Mr McGuire specialises in pop / country and it’s the sort of thing that is huge over there in America and with the advent of C2C over the last few years it’s even making inroads over here. So it’s a good time to be Kevin.

It’s another enjoyable song and if he manages to get a tune placed in a prominent place over in the colonies there is a bright future assured for him. Fans of Rascal Flatts would find themselves right at home here so fingers crossed they get to hear it.


Never Slowin’ Down
Black Dog Records

More British country, this time from the sibling trio Orfila. They’ve just played at the Country 2 Country show so it’s a good time to be them.

There’s is a much more traditional country sound with the tremendous harmony vocals undepinning the whole thing. They can do pop as well as they demonstrate on the very commercial “It Would Be You” but when they let their country flag fly on the likes of “Floor It” and “Second Wind” then it’s a real treat.

They’ve got an all star band backing them up with Steeleye Span members Liam Genockey and Jessie May Smart, Lee Pomeroy on bass, some pedal steel from the inimitable BJ Cole and guitars, banjo, mandolin and harmonica come from Rascal Flatts alumni Travis Toy and Tommy Yankton. So someone thinks this is going to be big.

And it deserves to be. It’s a fabulous album that modern country fans should be snapping up now.


51dxz42btill-_ss500JESSIE GALANTE
The Show Must Go On
Tanzan Music

Singer Jessie Galante first came to public notice a long time ago when hard and melodic rock was the big thing on the streets of LA. She was the singer in the band Fire who despite working with mega-producer Michael Wagener never managed to break through.

Fast forward several decades and an intermittent solo career and she may just have managed to make her best ever record. It’s full on classic melodic rock mixed with AOR and with an all star cast in place this album never goes wrong.

There are some great songs, a a couple of well placed classic covers and a line up that includes Alessandro Del Vecchio (Fergie Frederiksen, Neal Schon, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes), Billy Sheehan (Talas, Van Halen, Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs), guitarist Mario Percudani (Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Hungryheart), bassist Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Tarja Turunen) and drummer Alessandro Mori (Glenn Hughes, Ted Poley).

Chock full of melodic gems with “Diamond in the Sky”, “Mamma (I Get a Little Crazy)” and “More Like Love Divine” currently top of my pops, this is the album I’ve wanted Anastacia to make for the last decade and it’s right up there in my favourite albums of the year to date.



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