‘Hostages Season 2’ released on DVD on 8 May 2017

Arrow Films is pleased to announce the DVD Box Set release of the complete second season of the tense and nerve-shredding Israeli crime drama Hostages Season 2 on Monday 12th September starring The Bridge’s Kim Bodnia alongside Jonah Lotan who reprises his role as Adam Rubin from Season 1.

While the entire country is mourning the apparent death of Prime Minster Shmuel Nester, the former head of the SWAT team, Adam Rubin (Jonah Lotan), holds the very much alive Prime Minister captive in an abandoned warehouse in Jerusalem. Adam’s bigger and shadowy plan is to smuggle Nester out of the country for a bone marrow transplant – the last hope for Adam’s dying wife.

When the people who hired Adam to assassinate the Prime Minster come after him, his plan spirals further and further out of control leaving him trapped in a claustrophobic battle. Soon Rubin realises that a much bigger conspiracy is underway.

The cast of Hostages Season 2 is joined by a familiar face for Nordic Noir fans – Kim Bodnia. It was rumoured that Kim Bodnia might reprise his role as Martin Rhode in the fourth season of The Bridge.

The first season of Hostages received rave reviews when it was originally shown on BBC Four in 2015. Hostages Season 2 has been available exclusively in the BBC Store since Monday 6th February.


Release Date Monday 8th May 2017
Language Hebrew (with English subtitles)
Certificate Rating 15
Format DVD
Number of Episodes 12
Running Time 519 minutes
Catalogue Number FCD1346

Arrow Films Official Website


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