Reviews roundup – Lionel Bart vs. Silver Dust vs. Blood Commando

Reviews roundup –  Lionel Bart vs. Silver Dust vs. Blood Commando


717ptmdz1gl-_sl1113_LIONEL BART
Consider Yourself! The Highs Of Lionel Bart

More often than not, lightning doesn’t strike twice. And that was certainly the case with Lionel Bart. Yes, he wrote some fun pop songs in the fifties but it was Oliver! (the greatest musical ever. Fact.) that wrote his name in the stars.

There isn’t a bum note anywhere to be found but Bart never managed to capture that moment again. For sure, there are some really good songs dotted about Blitz, Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be and his other musicals but nothing that holds together as beautifully as Oliver!

Of course that was what bedevilled him long after “Living Doll”, “Little White Bull” and “From Russia with Love”. So this 5CD set is probably all the Bart you’ll ever need. There’s two lots of Oliver!from 1960 and 1962 with run outs for Steve Marriott, Stanley Holloway and Ron Moody. You also get cast recordings of ‘Blitz’, ‘Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be’ and his solo ‘Bart for Barts Sake’. It’s all rounded out with recordings of his songs from stars of the time including Max Bygraves, Jack Jones, Russ Conway and Shirley Bassey as well as a disc devoted to his fifties work with Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and more.

There’s nothing here you can’t find elsewhere but as a collection it does the trick with a 24 page booklet shining a light on his life and times.



6189ieven-l-_ss500SILVER DUST
The Age Of Decadence

To Switzerland now and SIlver Dust, a band whom our European readers may have spotted out on tour with Lordi.

Now I’m not sure how they would have went over in the world of cartoon metal as they mix up hard rock with some goth and industrial influences. They also throw in a mix of clean vocals and death growls which certainly makes for an interesting listening experience.

To keep the general sense of confusion going they also sing some songs in English and some in French so this isn’t a place to come for an easy listening experience. Me? I really enjoyed it but then I come from a long line of people with metnal health issues.

Lord Campbell (vocals, guitar), Tiny Pistol (guitar, vocals), Kurghan (bass) and Mr. Killjoy (drums) have done a fine job on this, their second album, and if you like to be challenged in your listeing then give this a go.



51dzinqyeyl-_ss500BLOOD COMMANDO
Cult Drugs
Fysisk Format

The self proclaimed deathpop band from Norway, Blood Command have bene punting out records for a wee while now going back to their debut EP ‘Hand Us the Alpha Male’.

To be honest, though, they’re not really doing anything too different from most of the noisier end of the indie spectrum. However, they’re better at it. It’s the basic mix of watered down metal, some pop punk and scratchy eighties indie that so many bands have a crack at..

This new release might fire up some of their fans though as it sees Silje Tombre being replaced on vocals by one Karina Ljone. That aside it’s business as usual although I would say that some of the songs are more on the side of bratty punk than detoxified metal. Tunes like “Gang Signs” and “You Can’t Sit with Us” certainly bubble with energy and even with a new singer in tow this latest record should sate their core fans with ease.




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