Reviews roundup – Farmers Boys vs. An Erotic End Of Times vs. Johnny Max Band vs. The 27

Reviews roundup – Farmers Boys vs. An Erotic End Of Times vs. Johnny Max Band vs. The 27

61a2bnsxxmxl-_ss500FARMER BOYS
You And Me
Eat The Beat Music / Rough Trade

The Farmers Boys are back. Still with the worst name in rawk and with an EP of their pop goth rock crossover sounds.

It’s a far cry from their parent bands which I suppose is the whole point of having a side project. Mind you it’s been thirteen years since their last record so I hope no-one has been holding their breath waiting.

It’s no surprise then when it turns out that a band who started out in the nineties should sound like a nineties alternative metal band. The lead song here would have been all over Kerrap! Radio back in the day when folks like Deftones were still a thing. It’s all a bit meh and doesn’t really go anywhere.

“Revolt” is much better as it actually has some balls and isn’t afraid to show them. With some great guitar work and some nice keyboard flourishes it certainly raises your hopes for any future album.


81lsgp3fmbl-_sl1200_AN EROTIC END OF TIMES
Chapter One

We’re staying across the North Sea but this time it’s some full on goth rock from the enticingly named An Erotic End of Times. It’s the brainchild of Philippe Deschemin and Erwan Frugier ho used to be in a metal band called Indus Porn (nope, me neither) but they’ve decided to get their goth full on for this record.

And it’s really good if they thought of the Nephilim meeting Dark Tranquility in a dark alley while shooting up listening to Type O Negative takes your fancy. That’s basically my late teens so I’ve a great deal of time for this sort of thing.

After an intro from J. Robert Oppenheimer (yes, that one) it’s off into a land of doom, death and disaster. Well it is a goth album. But they’ve got the songs and melodies to pull it off. “Love Is The End” and “One Second After” are straight out an eighties greatcoat and will make goths of a certain age very moist indeed.

They do throw in some industrial moments and some nineties synth sounds so it’s not actually all retro but it’s good enough to keep youngsters and oldsters very happy (or rather miserable) for quite some time. Highly recommended.



51ydzib0x1l-_ss500JOHNNY MAX BAND
Roadhouse Soul
Pour Soul

To the Canadian colonies now for some blues rock courtesy of the Johnny Max Band. Or rather the Johnny Mc’s Band as the main man is one Johnny McAneney.

He likes to call his blend of blues and swamp rock Roadhouse Soul hence the title of the album although it only makes me think of Family Guy and Patrick Swayze. But regardless it’s a potent and enjoyable sound on this album of originals.

It’s mainly up tempo Saturday night blues rock with songs like “”Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy”, “Little Yellow Dress” and “I’m Broke” guaranteed to get the roadhouse rocking. But he can turn it down on a notch and there’s an excellent ballad in the shape of “I Wish I Could Write You A Love Song”.

For sure a couple of the songs don’t get a pass mark but when there’s as fine a band as Kevin Vienneau (guitars, mandolin, & vocals), Rob Gusevs (keys), Russ Boswell (bass), Jim Casson (drums) and Quisha Wint (background vocals) helping out you’re guaranteed a good night out.



c6knwlyw0amt7n3THE 27
All The Time

This is the second single I’ve heard from The 27 following on from “Call Me A Friend” earlier in the year and it carries on in the same vein of left field seventies country rock.

This one is a step up though, mainly due to a stronger melody and some really good harmonies. It’s a slighty sideways shift for the sound heading more into the world of Crosby, Stills and Nash but still with a twang.

According to guitarist Henry Parker, “We wanted to explore a happier theme of love than we had perhaps highlighted in ‘Call Me A Friend’.” Well it’s a job well done as this should go down very world well in the world inhabited by Maverick magazine and all things Americana.



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