Dario Mollo & Graham Bonnet: EZoo‘Feeding The Beast’ out June 2nd

Dario Mollo and Graham Bonnet announce the release of a studio album with their new project Ezoo. The album called ‘Feeding The Beast’ will be out June 2nd via earMUSIC.

Grooving and stomping music, with the great feeling straight from the golden days of hard rock: this is EZoo.

The immediately recognizable voice of ex Rainbow Graham Bonnet and Dario Mollo´s melodic and powerful guitars. “Feeding The Beast” is the title of the album the rockers are about to release on earMUSIC on June 2nd.

While Dario Mollo is well known for his collaboration with Glenn Hughes (Voodoo Hill) and his three albums with Black Sabbath´s Tony Martin, you can claim that probably every rock fan has heard the biting and unique voice of Graham Bonnet before.

The classic hit single “Since You Been Gone” (still played worldwide on the radio) from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow album “Down To Earth” gave the band which at the time also featured two current Deep Purple members: Roger Glover and Don Airey one of its biggest successes.  Not to be forgotten, Bonnet also worked with the Michael Schenker Group or Alcatrazz, who launched the career of Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Drawing on the experience of these two rich rock careers, the two leaders of EZoo obviously know how to rock. Nobody is free from a good dose of nostalgia but the pair has created an album that catches the charm and the grandeur of the classic hard rock sounds but comes in a modern and contemporary guise.

The first time Dario Mollo and Graham Bonnet worked together was during a tour as Mollo remembers: “In 2001 I received a call from Don Airey, who I know since the dawn of my career. He asked me to participate to an English tour with Graham Bonnet on vocals and Harry James and Chris Childs from Thunder on drums and bass. I really enjoyed the tour so much that in 2004 we repeated the same experience with Graham, organizing an European tour with a new band that we called ‘Electric Zoo’. During the tour rehearsals we recorded three Rainbow songs.”

Out of this very enjoyable experience the idea to record a new album started to grow, but it took quite a while to make it real.

“In 2007 I decided to record a new album with Graham and we started to write new material. This process took a very long time because I was very busy with my projects with Glenn Hughes (Voodoo Hill) and Tony Martin (The Cage) and Graham was busy too. A while ago I received a call from Graham’s Manager telling me that he had listened to some of the demo songs and that it would have been criminal to not release this awesome material. We decided to add new songs and we recorded the now renamed EZoo album with some members from the Electric Zoo band, Roberto Gualdi on Drums (of Italian prog legends PFM), Guido Block on bass and backing vocals on the Rainbow songs and a new keyboards and bass player (Dario Patti) for the rest of the album.”

Luckily this call was made and those fantastic songs will be released on June 2nd. As a special treat “Feeding The Beast” contains new versions of Rainbow classics like ‘Eyes Of The World’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.


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