Reviews roundup – Suicide Bombers vs. Mouth vs. Loom vs. Purpendicular

Reviews roundup – Suicide Bombers vs. Mouth vs. Loom vs. Purpendicular


suicide-bombers-album-cover-e1490449670527SUICIDE BOMBERS
Suicide Idols
Suicide Records

Aye well, you’re not going to be getting much airplay with a name like that. Or you may get some unsolicited visitors in the dead of night.

But Norwegian sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers, for it is they, probably don’t care that much. After all if you’ve decided to be a sleaze rock / glam metal band in 2017 then your audience is going to be of the ‘select’ variety.

And so Chris Damien Doll – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar, Lazy Leather – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, C Slim – Bass & Backing Vocals and Lyle Starr – Drums just set about hitting every genre cliche with wild abandon. And they’re very good at it. Speaking as someone who saw all the leading lights back in the eighties (and Pretty Boy Floyd) I can safely say that their name would have been sprayed on a lub bathroom wall near you next to the Faster Pussycats of the world.

The emphasis is definitely on fun, a concept sadly lacking in modern music and if you’re looking for nothing but a good time then the likes of “Ready for Tonight”, “We Got Tonight” and, um, “Just One Fuck” will have you primping and crimping with abandon.


Well that’s a terrible name for a band. I mean, really. Which is a shame because German prog rockers Mouth have put together a rather tasty album.

I say tasty but I mean bleak as they follow up ‘Rhizome’ from 2009 with a loosem concept exprssing time and space travel right up to a dystopian future. Which is the titular vortex, apparently.

They’re ostensibly a trio but as Chris Koller and Nick Mavridis are both multi instrumentalists that means it’s no mere guitar / bass / drums sound. No, with Hammond organ, clavinets, mellotrons and theremins all thrown into the mix there is plenty going on in the grooves. And they do groove as they bring in elements of psych and krautrock to their sound.

With bass player Gerald Kirch holding down the beat the wide ranging music of “March Of The Cyclopes” and “Mountain” take you to some far away places, even though you may not actually want to be there. This is definitely an album that prog fans with a taste for adventure should be seeking out.



Silent Cut

Well that’s a right dodgy cover. What with this and the Suicide Bombers I’ll be getting myself a bad rep. And another crap name as well. What is it with bands these days.

Anyway it seems to be 1991 in the world of Loom, a sad time for rockers when the plaid clad wastrels of grunge briefly took over the world. So it’s basically Nirvana. But the early even worse than the hit singles stuff.

Naturally the band portray themselves as seventies garage rockers who adore the Stooges and to be fair they do have a couple of punky riffs dotted hither and thither. The first few tracks are pure grunge though and it’s only when they arrive at the much more interesting “Salt” that my ears pricked up a Tad.

There’s lots of distorted guitars and vocal screams a plenty so if you’ve worn out your copy of ‘Nevermind’ this might be your new best friend.



Venus To Volcanus
The follow-up to ‘This Is the Thing No.1’, this has a slightly less mental title. That one saw the Deep Purple tribute band dishing out some original material with Ian Paice and Roger Glover paying a visit.

And what better time to punt out a sequel than when the actual Deep Purple are garnishing more column inches than they have in years. Ian Paice is back for this one but in a sideways move they’ve also got in one time Rainbow man Tony Carey.

Over in mainland Europe they’re one of the most popular Deep Purple tribute bands around and are so good that Purple drummer Ian Paice tours with them on his down time from the real thing. On this new all original offering however, they’ve decided to recreate some nineties Ibiza trance.

Well actually they’ve decided to recreate some seventies Purple meets eighties Rainbow. Which is just fine with me especially when the band are so gosh darned good. When they’re at the top of their game as they are on numbers like “Absence”, “We Both Go Down” and ” I Can’t Win Them All”. Not all the songs quite hit the heights though and there are couple of songs that you won’t want to hear a second time. Or indeed a first.

Mind you the musicianship is second to none with the guitar / keyboard interplay redolent of the seventies heyday of Purple. Not everyone will take to the vocals but if you make the effort then there are some nice prizes to be found.


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