Out Now: Boogie Patrol’s New Album ‘Man On Fire’

Edmonton’s soulful, high-energy band Boogie Patrol have unleashed their newest album, Man On Fire, to audiences throughout Western Canada and have received extensive airplay, including landing on the !Earshot national campus and community radio charts as well as stellar reviews from critics around the world.
Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say:
“Devotees of blue-eyed, rocked up soul, this crew fires straight shots over the bough powered by blue-eyed soul from the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.  With a message that says bring on the funk and let’s party, party on they do.” – Midwest Record (USA)
“Boogie Patrol – they’re a bunch of bad motherf * ckers … so let’s get ready for them!” – Rootsville (Belgium)
“…infectious energy, the punchy horn charts and the tight n funky musicianship, such an upbeat vibe that it’s almost ridiculous.” – Gonzo/The Rock Doctor
Boogie Patrol has steadily built a reputation as one of Western Canada’s premier live act’s and has garnered acclaim and an enthusiastic following since the group’s inception in 2007. The Edmonton-based 5-piece draw on influences ranging from soul, R & B, rock n’ roll and classic blues. 
Their newest album, Man On Fire (April 28, 2017) is a funky, high energy sonic party that harkens back to the days of classic blues and soul. The ten original tracks on the album all showcase the gritty, soulful sound they are known for while showcasing the band’s tight musicianship and aptitude for songwriting. 
There are several highlights on Man On Fire, from the horn-heavy, ’70’s vibe of “Players Blues”, to a warm heartfelt ballad on “Hard To Tell You”, the undeniable bumping groove on “Shaker Down Below” to the gritty, guitar-heavy final title track, each of the songs on the album delicately dance on the line between blues and soul to rock n’ roll.
Boogie Patrol cut no corners and pull out all the stops on Man On Fire.
Track listing
RIYL: Joe Cocker, Downchild, The Powder Blues Band, Wilson Pickett
1.  Players Blues
2.  Whole Lotta Gravy
3.  Foolish Mind
4. HardToTellYou
5. Shaker Down Below
6.  Easy To See
7.  Just Wanna
8.  Got One On Ya
9.  Let’s Get Randy *
10. Man On Fire
* Explicit Lyrics

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