Blues Rock Guitarist Alex Lopez To Release Highly Anticipated Third Album “Slowdown”

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Blues rock guitarist Alex Lopez and his band The Xpress will be releasing their eagerly awaited third album titled “Slowdown” on MarEmil Records on May 19th! A powerful modern blues album that seamlessly fuses rock and blues and combines it with an unstoppable groove. The album’s lyrical theme will also connect with today’s world. “Slowdown” tells a story about a person who travels down a path that leads to addiction and their struggle to find a way back home. Each song is a chapter in this saga and the album takes you from innocent beginnings to heartbreaking despair and eventually to redemption and salvation.
Says Alex, “The songs on the album actually came together quickly. About 1/2 the songs are from my back catalogue of previously written songs and the rest were written for the album inspired by the concept and the message. While a lot of the songs are blues based, I am not interested in recycling the blues but adding my twist, blending with other genres and modernizing them. My approach with the band was to bring fairly finished song demos recorded in my home studio to rehearsal where they could inject their style and ideas. Most of the songs were already a part of our live show by the time we entered the studio and so the base tracks were recorded live. My focus and goal was to produce a polished album that sonically stood up but still retained the spontaneity and feel of a live band. I also wanted a big sound but not over-produced so a lot of time and attention was spent on capturing the sound right out of the gate. Atomic Audio did a fabulous job with recording and engineering while Peerless Mastering out of Boston did a great job on the mastering adding the warmth I wanted.”
Opening song “Dangerous” is the first step leading to “The Wildlife” while “Slowdown” and “Words of Wisdom” implore caution from those watching the downward spiral. In “I don’t know” and “Enough of it” you hear the first self-realization they are on a path to destruction and songs like “Stolen” and “Long Long time” capture the helplessness of watching your loved ones world implode. Eventually hitting rock bottom leads to the quest for forgiveness in “Redeem Me” and salvation and hope in the uplifting and powerful song “Alive.”
Not everyone wins their battle with addiction and “I love you Blues” is an emotionally drenched song of grief and pain for those struggling with loss.
The album/story ends with “Slowdown (reprise)” but the CD includes two bonus songs: the heartwarming piano ballad “Dance the Night with me” and the anti-war song “War Without a Face” written for today’s uncertain world as a reminder we are all brothers.
The memorable songs on this album are sure to elicit emotion and inspire while the impressive musical performances, from Alex’s soulful vocals and masterful guitar work to the band’s tight rhythm section and perfect accompaniment, are sure to impress. So sit back relax and enjoy the journey…
Watch the preview to Alex Lopez’s “Slowdown”:
Born in Cleveland Ohio, the heartland of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Alex learned how to play guitar as a teen developing a style influenced by guitar greats Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. While playing in local bands, Alex spent his youth recording in studios while polishing his production and songwriting skills. Later moving to Florida to attend college, Alex continued performing in bands having modest success with his songs making their way to local and college radio.
After a break from his music career to raise a family, Alex joined the popular rock band Reminiscion performing at venues through-out the Tampa Bay area before deciding to strike out on his own. As a prolific songwriter Alex has recorded a voluminous amount of original material culminating in his first 3 albums. With his band “The Xpress”, Alex is now playing major venues and festivals across the southeastern United States…
Says Alex, “My band is called the ‘Xpress’ as we believe in expressing emotion through our songs, expressive musical dynamics, and we want to run you over like a freight train live! Michael Maxim’s fast hands and powerful drumming are the cornerstone of the Xpress sound and his years of gigging experience anchoring funk and dance bands in the Northeast are the driving force behind the groove on the album. Steve Pagano brings vast experience and musicality to the bass having held down the bottom end for national recording groups and having been a session player recording with multiple artists like Nashville award winning songwriter Dave Hanner. Steve’s performance on the upright bass on the song ‘Stolen’ is certainly a stand-out moment on the album among many. Gary Dowell is a classically trained pianist having performed all over the U.S. in multiple bands including as a member of grammy nominated national recording artist The Ozone Ramblers. Gary also is an experienced session player having done studio work in Nashville and studied audio engineering at Head East’s acclaimed studio.”
Here’s what the press have raved about Alex Lopez!
Kudos goes out the mind-blowing guitar/voice combo – which make up his core sound.” – Cyrus Rhodes, Muses Muse
This latest CD by Lopez is more than amazing, it’s cut from the cloth as classic blues masters as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Paul McCartney, BB King and Tommy Shannon. It has an almost true blues-journeyman anthem musical quality to it.” – Judy Rose, Band Blurb
Vocals and Guitar work by Lopez – incredible as he commands a powerful low tonal registry all the while maintaining impressive vocal mojo and control. As a soloist – incredible. He really knows how to find the groove and let loose behind the microphone and fretboard. Alex Lopez brilliantly meld and blends all of the above together in a starkly unique way.” – William Calarese, Skope Magazine
In closing Alex has this to impart, “Redemption is there for us all…if you seek it.”
The Wildlife
Words of Wisdom
Enough of it
I don’t know
Exodus/Long Long Time
Redeem Me
I love you blues
Slowdown (reprise)
Dance the Night with me
War without a Face
(All music and lyrics written by Alex Lopez)
Alex Lopez – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Gary Dowell – Keyboards
Steve Pagano – Bass
Michael Maxim – Drums
Produced by: Alex Lopez
Assistant Producer and Engineer: Frank Calcaterra
Recorded at Atomic Audio Studios Tampa Fl. :
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering Boston :
Album Photography: Brian Agoncillo
To purchase Alex Lopez’s “Slowdown”:

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