Reviews roundup – Engelbert Humperdinck vs. Nitrogods vs. Sinister Flynn


a19yt5t2uyl-_sl1500_ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK

It’s 50 years since “Release Me” was, um, released, so thats’ as good as excuse as any to unveil a new best of Engelbert compilation. Unlike Thomas Woodward there’s be no knighthood in recent memory for Arnold, merely a Eurovision entry.

But along with Sir Thomas the Jones, Engelbert had one of the grteat sixties ballad voices and all the big ones are here highlighting some of his music which achieved over 140 million records sol worldwide over a 50 year career, with 11 UK Top 20 hits and 7 UK top 5 its between 1967 and 1975.

As well as this there are two new songs to reel in the completists along with a superfluous dance remix of “Release Me”. But stick to the likes of “Quando Quando Quando”, “The Last Waltz” and “There Goes My Everything” and you can’t go far wrong. He’s been filed in the cheese file for too long so give this a listen with open ears and be prepared to be surprised.



Roadkill BBQ
Steamhammer / SPV

To Germania! Which means it’s time for some heavy metal. However this lot aren’t heading down the usual power metal route. Nope, they’re fans of a certain heavy metal rock’n’roll trio whose name rhymes with rotor bread.

So don’t come here looking for intricate metallic symphonies. But if you’re in the mood for necking a crate of Newcy Brown, picking a fight in an empty room and putting yourself in accident and emergency due to an unfortunate rolling pin related accident then Nitrogods are the band for you.

It’s dumb fun from beginning to end on this their third album as they bash through tunes like “My Love Is A Wirebrush” (eh?), “Rancid Rock” and “Race To Ruin” with all the subtlety of a punch in the mouth. I thought it was great!

It’s out in a myriad of formats – digipack CD, and as a Gatefold (with printed inner sleeve) 180 gram (transparent red with black streaks) Vinyl LP, packaged with the CD version of the album in a cardboard sleeve. It will also be available as a very special 3-D embossed metal boxset, containing not only the regular Digipack CD, but also a bonus ‘Tribute To Lemmy’ CD, (boasting cover versions of ‘Overkill’, ‘Bomber’, Ace Of Spades and ‘Iron Fist’), plus a stainless steel hip flask sporting a lasered Nitrogods logo, and sticker.



613wpxmfoxl-_ss500SINISTER FLYNN
Snake Oil

To Glasgow now. Not something that comes easy to a Leither even if it is the only place that makes my hometown look posh.

Apparently they’re weel kent ower there in Weegie land where they’ve been plying their punk rock style since 2001. They mix it up with a more traditional rock style as well as chucking in some ska and funk for the pop-punkers out there

They certainly make a right old racket on ‘Snake Oil’, their second album following on from the 2012 release ‘The Revenge of Meathook Murphy’. Listening to numbers like “Hollywood Be They Name” and “The Sun Eater” you can imagine them going down a storm at the Cas Rock opening for Blaggers ITA.

If you’ve seen them live then you’ll want this. If you hear this first, you’ll want to see them live.