Reviews roundup – Danzig vs. Rock Goddess vs. Get Loose


Black Laden Crown

I’m still suffering aftershocks from the last Danzig album. That was his 2015 covers album ‘Skeletons’ which just gets worse with every listen. Painful doesn’t begin to describe it. Especially when you think about the several years he spent releasing sub par sub industrial records.

But the Misfits reunion seems to have put some juice in his box as ‘Black Laden Crown’ is the best thing his name has been attached to for a long time. Mainly because he’s headed back to his doomy baritone days and given his fans a taste of what they want.

Now I’m not going to claim it’s the new Lucifuge because it’s not. But once the opening track rumbles into view with some Sabbath style dirge and his ELvis baritone to the fore then all seems black with the world.

There are a couple of filler tunes tucked in hither and thither but for every one of them their is a “The Witching Hour” lurking round the corner waiting to do you in. It’s been a long time coming but finally a Danzig album worth hearing.



518terupivl-_ss500ROCK GODDESS
It’s More Than Rock’n’Roll
Bite You To Death

Oh my but it’s been many a long year since the teenage me swooned to Rock Goddess banging out “My Angel”. They nearly made it you know. A couple of Top 75 singles and some decent support tours. But it wasn’t to be.

Fast forward several decades and the original lineup of sisters Jody Turner and Julie Turner along with Tracey Lamb are back together and have put out a new EP.

The title track is straight out of the eighties, chugging along with a sngalong chorus and a strong riff. “Back Off” hits a sleazy metal groove for six and is one of their heavier numbers while the closing “We’re All Metal” is another one for the crowd to chant along to.

The whole thing sounds as though it’s a straight follow up to their eighties releases which is fine by me and if you get your finger out you might snag one of the first 500 CD copies which comes autographed by the band.



61n0eusafvl-_ss500GET LOOSE
Get Loose

An Oxfordshire blues based power trio who formed back in 2014, Get Loose have certainly got the chops to make a name for themselves.

There’s a lot of competition in the blues rock world but if you like things on the rockier side then this could be the album for you. The opening “Forgive Me” is actually quite commercial and 25 years ago might have saw some minor chart action but then we head off into “Ride It Out” and the riffs get ramped up to great effect.

That carries on into a classic seventies hooker tune – “Good Looking Woman” – and when they keep the riffs meaty and the songs mucky then there is little that Get Loose can do wrong. There are a couple of covers along for the ride courtesy of Charles Brown and Slim Harpo but it’s their own material that will make them. Now all we need is a co-headline tour with Carousel Vertigo and the party will most definitely have started.