Reviews roundup – Rainbow vs. eZoo vs. Graham Bonnet Band

Reviews roundup – Rainbow vs. eZoo vs. Graham Bonnet Band



Since You Been Gone: The Essential

I suppose it was inevitable that the Rainbow back catalogue would be getting repackaged what with all the Blackmore related activity and this is the latest version to be doing the rounds.  And it’s an odd cove.


On the plus side they’ve chucked in 45 tracks over three discs and put it out at a bargain price. So you can’t really go wrong if you’re hankering after a Rainbow best of and have managed to miss out on the three hundred other compilations out there.  On the down side there is no rhyme or reason behind the selection or the programming.  They’ve basically flung the Rainbow albums at the wall and seen what stuck.


Which is why “Down To Earth” out-take ‘Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me’ is here. And no-one needs to hear that twice.  The “let’s see what shit sticks” approach also explains the likes of ‘Snowman’ from “Bent Out Of Shape” in amongst the actual classics.  However, it’s been on sale now and then for a fiver which makes it well worth a punt for casual buyers and completists.



Feeding The Beast

He may be turning seventy this year but it’s a busy old time for Graham Bonnet. Whether it’s with his own band, the ongoing Michael Schenker fest or with this Dario Mollo collaboration.


Mollo is probably best known for his Voodoo Hill records with Glenn Hughes but with Hughes busy with his own stuff and a Black Country Communion reunion it seems that Bonnet was next on the telephone list to rub up some old demos they made years ago.


This is more akin to The Cage albums Mollo made with erstwhile Black Sabbath man Tony Martin as he churns out some good eighties riffs before widdling away like a man possessed.  Which makes some of it very enjoyable and some less so.  That’s mainly die to the quality of the songs not all of which are straight out of the top drawer.


That’s highlighted by two revisits to Rainbow classics which show just how a good song should sound.  That said, Bonnet is in fine voice here as he goes for a harder edged sound than usual and it is an enjoyable if not essential release.



81owbjhr3nl-_sl1417_GRAHAM BONNET BAND
Live: Here Comes The Night

Lastly we’re off to Italy to catch up with Graham Bonnet and his own band live in concert.  Of course it’s his old band as apparently the guitarist has been let go at the record companys insistence.


But what we’re left with is a decent enough run through of his rock history taking in songs from the Rainbow, solo, MSG and Alkatrazz years.  It’s a shame about Conrado Pesinat because his guitar work is a definite highlight here.


It comes with a workmanlike DVD which just goes to show how good a singer Bonnet is and why it’s so good to see him back in the spotlight following some wilderness years.



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