Clive Nolan – “King’s Ransom” release

The long awaited new musical is now officially released!  A special box set edition consists of 3 CDs and a DVD: Act 1, Act 2, bonus CD and “Making of” DVD documentary plus 3 booklets with lyrics, additional information and inspiring artwork by the comic novel artist, Mark Buckingham.


Clive: “With over three years in the making, I am very pleased, relieved and proud to have completed this musical. This album features some great singers and performances… don’t miss it!”

“King’s Ransom”, the third musical by Clive Nolan, is the next adventure of Professor King and his companions. Set in the Victorian ‘Alchemy’ universe, the musical is a tale steeped in political intrigue, high emotion and the all-pervasive presence of the supernatural.

Book, lyrics and music by Clive Nolan With vocal talents of: Clive Nolan, Gemma Ashley, Guy Barnes, Verity White, Robbie Gardner, Chris Longman, Christina Booth, Alan Reed, Chris Lewis, Ross Andrews, Joy-Amy Wigman, Emily Frechter and the Caamora Chorus; and instrumentalists: Clive Nolan, Mark Westwood, Scott Higham, Kylan Amos, Penny Gee and Morten L. Clason.
Album artwork by Mark Buckingham.

“King’s Ransom” Special Edition includes:
CD 1: Act 1
CD 2: Act 2
CD 3: “There’s More… Demos and Extras” (featuring original demos and alternative versions of songs from ‘King’s Ransom’)
DVD: “The Making of ‘King’s Ransom'” (featuring recording footage, interviews and more insights into the creation of the musical)

“King’s Ransom” is available through our online store:

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