Reviews roundup – Joel DaSilva vs. Delirium Soul vs. Greg Sover

Reviews roundup – Joel DaSilva vs. Delirium Soul vs. Greg Sover


410l3ncmh9l-_ss500JOEL DASILVA
Everywhere From Here
Track of Life Music

There’s no rhyme or reason when a record grabs you and won’t let go. After all there are hundreds of good albums released every year. But sometimes one just gets you. And this one did.

Joel DaSilva has done the road dog thing, opening for the likes of He’s opened for J.J. Grey, The Black Crowes, Jeff Beck, Jimmie Vaughan and others as well as his own shows and this CD shows that all the practice sometimes makes perfect.

It’s no surprise to learn that he names the likes of Robert Nighthawk, Buddy Guy, and Muddy Waters as influences because he just oozes the blues. He’s also got some contacts as Richie Supa (Aerosmith) and Stephen Gibb (Bee Gee offspring) pop up in the cowriting credits but this record remains all about Joel as he rattles through ten tunes which make up my favourite blues album of the year to date. There’s not a bum note on offer but ‘Down In The Delta’, ‘Cadillac Mama’ and ‘This Day I Bleed’ are the standouts for me. Blues fans really need to check this out a bit sharpish.




61mzj3m-ehl-_ss500DELIRIUM SOUL
Rock CD Records

Some Spanish power metal now. And it’s OK.

As is the Spanish way the members of the band have a fine set of names between them, so that’s José Antonio Villena Gascón – Guitar, Jose Antonio Jiménez Alañón – Bass , Javier Villena Gascón – Drums , Ramón Martin Serrano Rojas – Guitar and Javier Cruz González – Singer.

Between them they’ve mastered the techniques of what’s required in their chosen genre and certainly blast through the likes of ‘Cruzado’ and ‘Puro Metal’. That’s Crusader and Pure Metal to any non bilingual Saxon fans out there. It’s a brace of fine songs which will grace any power metal collection but it’s not quite an album. But it’s early days as this is only their second release following on from a 2014 debut.

They sound good and there is definitely potential here but they need to write a few more killer tunes before the world takes them to their leather encrusted hearts.




61mft-r23tl-_ss500GREG SOVER
Songs of a Renegade
Grounded Soul Records

You’ll probably guess from the cover that Greg Sover is a Jimi Hendrix fan. Nothing wrong with that. Never got it myself but each to their own.

On his own record Mr Sover errs on the side of rock with some side helpings of funk, blues and even reggae. He’s certainly a very good guitarist and ten years plus of playing live has prepared him admirably for a solo debut. He’s got a sympathetic band in tow with Garry Lee on bass, Wally Smith on keys, Tom Walling on drums, and Allen James on second guitar all helping him get his sound together.

For me, he’s better at the out and out rock tracks so it’s numbers like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Preacher’ that work best for me. The ballads and reggae tinged tunes don’t really do it for me but he shows how good he is on acoustic as well as electric on ‘After Me’. He roughs up Bill Wither’s song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ in an attention grabbing way which should help guide a few more folks to his music.ed spring on a song which is perfect for Radio…..if Radio had any taste.


St Columba’s Hospice Tribute Fund for Linda Hamilton

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