All Or Nothing The Mod Musical: Cast Album & West End Run

ALL OR NOTHING, the musical sensation based on the story of the Small Faces, which is currently touring the UK on its third major outing, is delighted to announce the release of a 29-track CD and limited edition 15-track blue vinyl LP, priced at £15 and £30 respectively.  Only 500 LPs will be produced.  The album will only be available from venues hosting the show and www.allornothingthemusical.comThe album was recorded at Masterlink Productions, Send Hill, Surrey and produced by Pat Davey [the show’s Musical Supervisor] and James Welch.  Project management was by the show’s own Mac McLagan, multi-instrumentalist Alex Gold.

Carol Harrison said “It’s a real honour to be able to bring the story of the   Small Faces back to the fans and to a brand-new audience, young and old, and get to showcase an amazing catalogue of music – hard edged R&B.  This is music which influenced a generation of musicians not to mention millions of fans. Written and directed by the award-winning actress Carol HarrisonALL OR NOTHING tells the electrifying yet bittersweet tale of four charismatic young kids from East London with humour, attitude, passion and talent.  They became the Small Faces and were rocketed into the big time, only to discover the path to fantastic success is paved with exploitation, betrayal and ultimately tragedy.

This album is truly a concert of a lifetime!”

Pat Davey said of the album, “We’ve had a blast touring the show around the UK for the last two years and we wanted to try and capture that on this album. It has been amazing to see the turnout across the country of Mods old and new, scooter clubs, music lovers and theatre goers who have embraced the show and enabled us to tell this story and play this music. This was Carol Harrison’s dream and it has proved to be well founded.  ALL OR NOTHING is proudly keeping the faith for many, rekindling the spirit in others and opening the doors to a whole new audience to experience it and keep the music alive.”

The amazing album artwork was designed by Tina Freeman, a British Artist inspired by the swinging sixties, and all that is MOD. Following her passion Tina developed the ‘Tina Who’ collection featuring screen prints and paintings inspired by Quadrophenia and Tommy. Tina has exhibited on Carnaby Street, Stockport Art Gallery and last year in Liverpool, helping out at the ‘About the Young Idea’ Jam Exhibition at the Cunard building.

ALL OR NOTHING the Mod Musical celebrates the unique story of the iconic Mod band.  Played live, the musical – and of course the album – is packed full of all the timeless hits, including the brilliant Whatcha Gonna Do About ItTin SoldierLazy SundayHere Come The NiceItchycoo Park and of course All or Nothing.  The Sunday Express calls it “A smile-inducing night of Mod nostalgia” with The Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn adding, “There are some great gags, the music is marvellous” and the Daily Telegraph agreeing that “All or Nothing delivers the goods. At once cheeky and reverential”. “Wow! Just wow!  This incredible musical takes your breath away… Harrison directs it beautifully” said The Daily Record.

This very special recording is a true collectable and also an amazing and essential document of ALL OR NOTHING’s ongoing commercial and artistic success!


1 Rollin’ Over 2. Alexandra Palace 1968 3. Rene 4. We Were The Mods 5. You Need Loving 6. The Al Capone of Pop 7. Whatcha Gonna Do About It 8. I’ve Got Mine 9. Musical Tension 10. Sha La La La Lee 11. Jenny 12. I’m Only Dreaming 13. 1966 14. All Or Nothing 15. Pop Pickers 16. Hey Girl 17. F*** the Artist 18. Itchycoo Park 19. The Beautiful Brown Angel 20. Afterglow/Tin Soldier 21. Glorious Shenanigans 22. Lazy Sunday 23. Ogden’s 24. Happiness Stan 25. No One’s Smiling 26. Rollin’ Over 27. Don’t Be Famous 28. All Or Nothing (Reprise) 29. Here Come The Nice (Bonus Track)


1.Rollin’ Over 2. Rene 3. You Need Loving 4. Whatcha Gonna Do About It 5. I’ve Got Mine 6. Sha La La La Lee 7. I’m Only Dreaming 8. All Or Nothing

1. Hey Girl 2. Itchycoo Park 3. Afterglow/Tin Soldier 4. Lazy Sunday 5. Happiness Stan 6. All Or Nothing (Reprise) 7. Here Come The Nice (Bonus Track)

Just announced: ALL OR NOTHING – THE MOD MUSICAL will play a limited West End season at the Arts Theatre, London from 6 February to 11 March 2018, with a press night on Thursday 8 February.  T

The cast at the Arts Theatre will be led by Carol Harrison as Kay Marriott and Chris Simmons as the older Steve Marriott.  Further casting is to be announced.

Carol Harrison said of the West End transfer, “I am honoured that ALL OR NOTHING has been embraced by so many wonderful audiences who have laughed, danced, wept and sang with us across the length and breadth of the country.  I am so thrilled that we can now bring the ALL OR NOTHING experience to the West End.  Watch out, ‘cos the Mods are coming ……Or maybe we just never went away!”

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