Reviews roundup – Terra Lightfoot vs. Acting Natural vs. Sonia Leigh vs. United World Underground

Reviews roundup – Terra Lightfoot vs. Acting Natural vs. Sonia Leigh vs. United World Underground


81jiz2bf9ell-_sl1500_TERRA LIGHTFOOT
New Mistakes
Sonic Unyon

To the Canadian colonies for some country rock crossover meets acoustic folkie tunes from Ms Lightfoot.

Last time around we enjoyed the more laid back tunes which really showcased her excellent voice and I’m glad to say that little has changed in the last wee while. It’a actually a tad poppier this time and the songs are better. Not that the last ones were rubbish but they have stepped up a notch in class. WHich means the up songs are now as enjoyabe as the down songs.

Tunes like ‘Ruthless’, ‘Pinball King’ and ‘Stars Over Dakota are perfect for radio. Or would be is there was a radio station that actually played quality melodic music instead of DJs shouting at each other about how great their respective weekends were. However, if a couple of these could get onto the Radio 2 playlist here in the UK, they would go down a treat and give her the bigger profile her music deserves. A good one.




Acting Natural

Well they look like nice boys. My Mum would approve.

She’d also approve of the music as they’ve decided to go for a sixties throwback pop rock sound with nods to the Kinks and pre-rubbish Beatles.

Eric Carnevale on vocals, guitar, piano, organ and percussion; James David Maney on bass and vocals; and Jesse Leonard on drums and vocals, for it is they, are actually from Tampa, Florida, not Muswell Hill although they’ve relocated to New York to bring their sounds to the world.

And they’re very good at what they do. It’s very melodic, there are some lovely harmonies and on numbers like ‘Pairadice’ they show an inventiveness and flair that should serve them well. It’s well produced and presented and is a fun EP for all the family.



41mqvcegzml-_ss500SONIA LEIGH
Walking In The Moonlight

It’s no great surprise to learn that Ms Leigh guest starred in an episode of TV country soap Nashville. Because this is song is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to here there.

It’s modern pop music with the merest hint of country about it. But that’s what the kids like and it’s got a strong melody, a good vocal and plenty of life about it.

Again, it comes as no surprise to found out that as a songwriter she has placed tunes with the likes of Zac Brown and Big & Rich. But now, as many do, she’s looking to strike out on her own. This might not be quite as strong a song as it needs to be but there is absolutely no reason why she won’t make it as a performer.



front20page20display1Various Artists
M&E 25th: The United World Underground Collection
Music & Elsewhere

A long time ago, in a far away land, a strange man started a vicious campaign against me with a deluge of cassette tapes blocking my way in and out of the house. In order to escape this persecution I started listening to them and found out what “underground” actually meant.

It’s kind of an aural care in the community thing where assorted nutters give vent to their inner demons, and Mick Magic and his Music & Elsewhere label were the outlet for a decade or more. Then he retired. Or so we thought.

Fast forward to the present day and he’s decided to “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of the label with this release. Which in finest M&E fashion involves pruning the 600(!) albums he released over time to a more manageable 30 albums from 30 artists from 30 countries. Yes, really. So if you’ve got a couple of days to spare settle down with that, 50 bonus tracks, 3 books and a compilation CD and prepare to be amazed at the range of truly eclectic sounds of the underground. For sure, there are a lot of bleeps and swooshes in there, along with scratchy guitars, indie punk and an array of people who were obviously off their meds at the time.

But that’s the whole point. So if you’d like to go exploring click on the link below.

St Columba’s Hospice Tribute Fund for Linda Hamilton

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