Joe Payne (ex Enid) – New Single

that joe payne 300I am writing with the exciting news that Joe Payne has re-launched his musical career. Joe explains what he’s been up to since his breakdown and subsequent departure from The Enid in this article on his new website, so I won’t go into detail.

What I will tell you is that for the last few months I’ve been working with him in the studio on his new single “I Need a Change” and a rather epic and classical B-Side. My contribution has been creating the choir sound that I developed for the last few Enid albums and also the production and mixing.

Far from being the pop record that he’d been itching to create, five years with The Enid has rubbed off on Joe in the most extraordinary way; the “single” is eight-and-a-half minutes of powerful, romantic and captivating music. If you liked the best of what we created over Joe’s time with the band, you’ll absolutely love it! Nick Willes has done a beautiful job of the bass and drums and Duncan McLaughlan provides some raunchy and also rather spooky guitars.

TJPCDS001 1500x1500 300Joe’s very recently taken the bold step of quitting his job to concentrate solely on music once again. He’s put the CD single up for presale here and if you’d like to keep in touch with him, he’s set up a newsletter here.

All the best, Max Read.

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