Hollowstar release new single ‘All I Gotta Say’

Following on from the success of their debut EP, “Some Things Matter”, Cambridgeshire-based rock band Hollowstar release of their new single “All I Gotta Say” released on digital download from Friday 25th May.
Hollowstar take inspiration from Blackstone Cherry, Thunder and Slash; influences that are evident in the music they create. Their new single ‘All I Gotta Say’ embodies the band’s well-established sound, building from a foundation of classic rock that combines solid lyrics and a succinct form of storytelling.

To coincide with the new single, Hollowstar have also unveiled a slew of tour dates throughout the country, joining the Graham Bonnet Band for four shows in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Louth and Newcastle as part of his UK and Ireland 2018 tour from August 9th – 12th.

The lads will also be making appearances at LeeStock on the 26th May and Wildfire Festival on the 24th June, before joining Dan Reed Network and King King at Cambridge Rock Festival, running 26th – 29th July.

With a running time of 3 minutes and 10 seconds, the digital download and signed CD copies of the single are available from Hollowstar online shop.

“The song is about that moment when you reach your end and you come to the realisation that something isn’t right for you,” says Hollowstar’s frontman Joe Bonson. “You no longer have the desire to fight for something you recognise as wrong and are happy to walk away and start again. With every end comes a new beginning.”


Leestock Music Festival                                Saturday 26 May
Camden Rocks Festival                                 Saturday 2 June
Loverocks Music Festival                             Friday 15 June
Wildfire Festival                                              Sunday 24 June
NFest, Needingworth                                    Saturday 30 June
Daxtonbury Festival                                       Saturday 7 July
Robin 2, Bilston                                                Thursday 12 July
Cambridge Rock Festival                              Saturday 28 July
The Assembly, Aberdeen                          Thursday 9 August
*Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh                     Friday 10 August
Louth Town Hall                                            Saturday 11 August
*Trillians, Newcastle                                     Sunday 12 August
Leicester Rocks Festival                                Saturday 18 August
Rock the Lakes Festival                                 Sunday 19 August
Fire and Forge Festival                                  Saturday 15 September
The Iron Road, Evesham                               Saturday 22 September
Four Sticks Festival                                         Saturday 6 October
Kaiser Bill Festival                                           Friday 12 October
Rock ‘N’ Roll Charity Xmas Bash                Saturday 8 December

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