Dauzat St. Marie’s new single, a striking cover of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong”

A band records a cover of a song they adore by a beloved artist from a previous era they cherish. Four years later, the band is invited to share the stage with that artist as an opening act. Is it the happiest of happenstances, or sufficient evidence for serendipity?

Buzzing Los Angeles singer-songwriter duo Dauzat St. Marie had no clue when in 2015 they recorded their triumphant take of Pat Benatar’s 1984 mega-hit anthem “We Belong” that they would eventually join the rock icon on stage as part of a 2018 summer tour – especially when their recording of the song sat on a hard drive for more than three years.

But due to their songwriting prowess, intense live show, and innate ability to connect with audiences, that is exactly the situation Dauzat St. Marie find themselves in. Fresh off the heels of U.S. shows in 2016 and 2017 as the main support for Rick Springfield’s Stripped solo acoustic series, the tenacious Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie will ride the wave of that tour and their debut EP Falling Again all the way to their forthcoming opening slot for Benatar and Springfield.

According to Dauzat, “We Belong” (released on July 5) was a natural source of inspiration for Dauzat St. Marie, as were the pair who made it an ’80s classic:

“Not only do Pat Benatar’s and Neil Giraldo’s duo dynamic serve as inspiration to us on many levels, their masterpiece “We Belong” is just one of those powerful 1980s hits that is woven into the very tapestry of our musical upbringing. Heather and I are huge 80s music fans and started performing “We Belong” on our very first Dauzat St. Marie tour in 2014. Once we got the news that Dauzat St. Marie would be the support act for Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, the song gained new immediate purpose, as well as compelling evidence for the existence of serendipity.”

Falling Again is a collection of well-crafted tracks that showcase St. Marie’s intoxicatingly rich voice and the duo’s tight vocal harmonies. The sound is powerful and raw, focused primarily on their two voices and only sparse acoustic instrumentation. Fittingly, Dauzat St. Marie’s live show is intense and dynamic, and the strong messaging creates a palpable connection with their audiences.

Official site Spotify / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / SoundCloud

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