CoCo and The Butterfields ‘Monsters’

With its uplifting harmonies and anthemic chorus line, ‘Monsters’ taken from CoCo and the Butterfields eponymous E.P is a refreshingly positive take on the 21st Century love song. Released August 17th ‘Monsters’ is a track about promises and assurances, it is about guaranteeing that you will be there for someone regardless of their insecurities or ‘inner demons’.
Led by multi-instrumentalists Tom Twyman and Dulcima Showan, the indie-pop act hail from the musical streets of historic Canterbury where they first developed their unique sound. Now, having captivated crowds and sold out shows across the UK and Europe (including renowned Glastonbury and Bestival festivals) CoCo and the Butterfields are ready to unleash their brand new songs upon the world.
Despite its name, ‘Monsters’ is a beautiful single about compassion for a loved one. In an  age obsessed with physical perfection, Tom’s insightful lyrics enriched by Dulcima’s unique voice offer mesmerising assurance that petty flaws won’t stand in the way of true love; a tender and compassionate assertion that the mental and physical health of the one that you love will always be taken care of. The pair expose the sensitive topic
thoughtfully through divine melody shrouded in harmonies and climaxing in a rousing chorus – it is a musical triumph!
The E.P (named after the title track), is comprised of four additional songs and is set for release on October 26th. The collection, which touches on love, society, and mental health, showcases the versatility of this young pair and displays how well their musical talents combine. The tracks are compassionate yet robust, sincere and yet high
With ‘Monsters’ set for release on August 17th and the full E.P dropping on October 26th, what else can we expect from this enigmatic duo and their comrades? Well, with an upcoming UK Tour culminating with their largest London headline show to date – get ready to hear a lot more from CoCo and the Butterfields…

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