ROSS THE BOSS Live @ Bannermans Edinburgh 05/10/2008

Live @ Bannermans Edinburgh

I’m old enough to have seen Ross The Boss when he was in Manowar, so seeing as how he was pitching up less than 2 miles from house, it would have been rude not to go along. Of course nowadays he’s got a new band together who put out a great album earlier in the year. “By Blood Sworn” was the album and it is a must for fans of True Metal.

The band toured a Manowar hits set last year but now with a record to promote they mixed things up a bit. Yes, there were Manowar classics a-plenty, but they also dug into some deeper tracks which certainly pleased the front row who knew every word and every riff. But it also gave them a chance to roll out some new tunes for the first time. And it’s a testament to the quality of that record that numbers like ‘This Is Vengeance’ and ‘We Are The Night’ slotted in seamlessly amongst the classics of yore. It helps that the current band is straight out of the top drawer. Bassist Lance Barnewold can handle the tricky bits with ease and in Marc Lopes he has a secret weapon. This is a man who was born to sing metal on a stage. It’s what he does and some of the notes would have nearby dogs scurrying for cover.

With Ross The Boss ripping out solos with ease it was like going back in time for me. Especially with one audience member having decided that the appropriate attire for a cold Scottish night as leather underwear and a Faster Pussycat jacket. I thought she’d turned up a day too soon for the Whitesnake tribute act but once ‘Fighting The World’ arrived she joined in with everyone else! There were a few mid-set audio glitches but as Mr Lopes said, it was the first night of their UK, Europe and Russian tour. However, that was all sorted as they laid waste with anthems ‘Battle Hymn’ and ‘Hail And Kill’. It’s not often you can up close and personal to classic metal of this quality, so make sure you get down to one of the remaining shows by Blood and Vengeance.

By Blood Sworn is out now on AFM.


Photos (c) Chris Finnimore

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