Country / Americana sibling duo The Luck release debut Album ‘Ready to Run’

Having spent the past few years accruing fans, writing material, and making waves both at home and stateside, talented singer songwriters Max and Esmay Luck are now preparing to release their debut album Ready to Run’. Reminiscent of Americana greats such as Tom Petty, Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac, the album merges sunny sumptuous harmonies with beautifully intoxicating musicality in a modern and fresh way.


Recorded in LA, the album showcases the vocal dexterity and lyrical flexibility of this sibling pair. It traverses challenging subject matters, such as tackling inner demons, loss, love and uncertainty. Max and Esmay deal with these issues sensitively and deftly, and the collection of songs showcase the pair’s musical prowess in a succinct offering.


Their time in LA was spent immersing themselves in the Country-Americana scene and liaising with some of the industry’s biggest names. It was the experiences that they had in America that encouraged The Luck to create their Americana theme night called Ventura Nights, so named after the legendary California boulevard that Petty sang about. The night gives fans and first time listeners alike a chance to experience the magnetic stage presence of this sibling pair and hear their stunning harmonic connection first hand. 


Two of the songs from the album were written whilst Esmay was trying to heal and recover from a breakup, and so the album offers an honest and tender exploration of heartbreak. The title track was born when Esmay realised that something needed change and that she had to lift her head up and move on, whilst ‘If This is Love’ focuses on the notion that if you are meant to be with someone, you will find your way back to them.


The album also features the gutsy and uplifting ‘Lionheart’, the nostalgic ‘Tomorrow Turned to Yesterday’, and the beautifully entrancing assertion of love ‘Place In The Sun’. The album in its entirety perfectly illustrates the pair’s lyrical and musical talents, whilst their propensity for rousing and anthemic melodies and harmonies is also made clear. 


Having spent their teen years experimenting and honing their musicianship separately, the sibling pair Max and Esmay Luck soon realised their potential as a band, and so ‘The Luck’ was born. Formed in 2011, the pair have spent the last few years split between England and the States, recording new music and performing in some of America’s most distinguished venues including the Troubadour, Hotel Café, and NoName in LA. 


It was at one of these performances that The Luck were first introduced to The President of Music at Warner Brothers Pictures, Paul Broucek, who, after hearing them perform, quickly approached the duo to work with them in producing their debut album. The Luck have now returned to London to release their debut album, which was recorded in LA in collaboration with Ash Howes and Grammy award winning engineer-mixers, Ed Cherney & Paul Hicks.


It’s safe to say that this sibling pair are no strangers to recognition. They have accrued over two million streams on Spotify, have had plays on Chris Country, and Countryline TV, and have gathered support from BBC radio in Sheffield, Shropshire, Devon, Bristol, and Southampton. They also perform weekly online concerts on their Twitch channel – a live, global, broadcasting platform – where they have over 20,000 followers. With the album release show at Thousand Island on July 25th, the album release on July 26th and performances at Pub in The Park opening for Gabrielle and Razorlight on September 6th, things don’t seem to be slowing down for this Country / Americana pair anytime soon…













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