Norwegian folk talent LOUIEN – The debut album “None Of My Words”

Norwegian songwriter Louie has already appeared at some of Norway’s biggest festivals, including Oya and by:Larm, and  her upcoming debut album “None Of My Words” will be released on the much-loved Norwegian indie label Jansen Records.

In her work, Louien – AKA Live Miranda Solberg – explores themes of death, isolation, separation, grief, and how the process of mourning can change a person’s outlook on the world. Her ability to marry these, admittedly rather bleak, themes with delicate and intricate melodies, as well as that striking, mournful vocal, really mark her out as a special talent.

“None Of My Words” is an album of tracks that Louien says were “easy to write, but so hard to revisit.” She goes on to say, “Grief allows for beautiful things as well. But this album is probably more about the first phase of a grieving process – hopelessness, isolation, anxiety and depression.” In spite of this, the way she approaches and views these topics is through as positive a lens as possible, choosing to see beautiful moments that will always remain beautiful, as they are unable to change.


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