Country/Americana singer Gerry Gareau releases new EP ‘Feet Off The Brakes’

No fear shooting into life as a Modern Americana artist, after success as a promoter in Montreal Canada, Gerry Gareau is choosing to build a music career with something to say, after gathering sincere ammunition for songs from building and raising a couple of kids, one of which turned out to be a rock solid drummer he can count on.

Releasing a positively solid EP called ‘Feet Off The Brakes’ after receiving tons of spins and placements from radio stations across Europe and North America for his lead off single  of the same name.

“I mean, I did this before in the 90’s with my Rock band Tenacity, touring Canada and internationally garnering a number one and a number 2 in South Africa with the songs’ The Rich Get Richer’ and ‘Broken Silence’. So I’m no stranger to the work involved” explains Gerry.

Gerry’s distinctive and unique sound recalls the likes of Tom Petty, Jason Aldean, Jack Johnson, and Luke Combs, to mention but a few artists. Stating, “I love those head strong artists that treat their music like art, using real life emotion to write with, serving the song whether happy, sad or just plain pissed off.”

Follow these links for web site and video etc

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