The Magic Net – free experimental download plus…

“Solidarietas” – a serious one hour piece of experimental work, now out
as a free download via the Vladivostok based Broken Tape Records label.
This is one of those wondrous ‘labour of love’ set ups, very worth
checking out if you’re into the experimental zone of sounds, man behind
it is one Alexey Kondart, do say hi from us.


“Curiositas” – a collection of side projects, featuring 6 tracks and a
bonus live radio session, running slightly shy of 50 minutes in all.
I’ve set the price at £4 for the DL, free codes are available for
airplay / review copies, of course. Will put a hard copy version out
shortly as there has been some demand for this, will try to keep the
price as low as possible. Not sure about the other album yet, be nice,
but probably be courteous of me to talk to Alexey first, see if he’s
happy with it.


Oh yeah, Magic’s on Bandcamp now! You’ll also find a copy of “The
Electric Age Cometh” from 2016 up there, available in glorious WAV or
whatever for free.

Done a lot of stuff for compilations too; Institute For Alien Research
(UK, musique concrète series), Fraction Studio (France), Harsh Reality
Music (U.S.A.), Charlie Dog Records (Canada) and Liburia Records (Italy,
subject to their acceptance, pinkies crossed). One I’m particularly
chuffed with was my having the opportunity to work with absolute
underground legend, M. Nomized. The resulting piece is called “Du Ciel À
La Terre”, ‘from the sky to the ground’. It’s not out yet (July, I
believe), but you can have a listen to an mp3 on our Reverbnation, and
should any of you want a good quality copy for airplay, just give us a


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