The Goddess of Sunrise by Flynotes – Russian instrumental doom

Flynotes is a band from Saint Petersburg in Russia and consists of Roman Komarov on guitar, Alira Julia Versen on bass, and Natasha Bogulyan on drums. They play instrumental doom with experimental, psychedelic and progressive elements, while also borrowing from sludge and stoner rock, to create their mystical musical rituals.

Flynotes was formed in 2011 and has self-released four albums: Our Zoo (2011), Shiva Telescopes (2013), Smell of Space (2016), and Child in the Woods (2018). The new album The Goddess of Sunrise was released March 7, 2020

Roman Komarov – guitar
Alira Julia Versen – bass
Natasha Bogulyan – drums

Vitaly Borodin – violin
Tatiana Shabanova – theremin
Timofey Yushko – keys

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