Pet Puma Bit Of 80s Nostalgia

Q: What do you get when you cross a professional stuntwoman with an Instagram influencer, dungeon master, entrepreneur and songwriter? 


A: Funky pop songs akin to Mystery Jets and Prince that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your stride.


Pet Puma’s debut single serves as the perfect introduction to a band who want to invite you into their universe, fill your ears with intergalactic synth-pop, and make you a cup of tea. The bouncing ‘Spaceship’ is laced in cosmic escapism and the playful 80’s kids TV show video to accompany it has a throwback vibe, with a hefty serving of ‘feel-good’. 


The band (John, Violet, Kane, Matt and Tom) are recently formed after having played in different line-ups as in-demand session performers or, in Violet’s case, success in the acting/stunt double world. Their diverse range of careers has given them fuel for their creative fire and a desire to bring some joy with their music; which songwriter and lead singer, John, infuses into every track.


The track has already received support from BBC Introducing, picking up several spot plays, and the band have racked up over 8k monthly listeners on Spotify for this sparkling debut. 


Straight back into the studio to continue work on their forthcoming releases, Pet Puma are unfurling their (perfectly manicured) claws. 


“This is something sublime” – BBC Introducing

“Lifting your spirits to an out-of-this-world level” – Music News

“Fun-filled joy for ears all over the globe” – The Indie Source


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