The Magic Bullet – Multiplicitas – 2CD experimental psych

The first two Magic Bullet download releases, “Solidarietas” and “Curiositas”, are now available as a special 2 disc set under the name of “Multiplicitas”.

Disc 1
01 Длинная Aудио Pабота C Претенциозным Hазванием Hа Pусском Языке (60:00)

Disc 2
01 M.M.A.T.T. 33 Mashup (9:29)
02 The A.F.C. Song (6:00)
03 Dance, Freak (6:28)
04 Stille Nacht (8:25)
05 Jesus Is Dead (Let’s Eat Chocolate!) (4:13)
06 Jesus Has Risen (Let’s Mow The Lawn!) (2:13)
Bonus Track;
07 Live In Session (On Tudno FM) (12:31)

It’s been priced at effectively cost – £5.50 GBP plus postage & packing: UK – £1.50 / Europe – £4.50 / Rest Of The World – £5.50

Anyway, full details are on the website at, which has
just been updated a bit again.

You may want to take a look at the Sounds Bazaar (good pun or what? ;-))
page too, there are quite a few freebies up on our Bandcamp now, both
Magic Bullet and MMATT;

Disc 1 info;
Inspired by and recorded especially for this great labour of loveexperimental label, this became our completely unplanned and unexpected debut album. Skit and I had seen a shared posting on Facebook in the morning, originating with label boss, Alexey Kondart, asking for contributions for a ‘400 way split’. Ambitious, we thought, is that seriously a 400 artist compilation? Yes, it was! Duly intrigued, we visited his Facebook profile to find out more. There we found another post seeking tracks for another project, “duration not less than one hour”. Now that seemed like an interesting challenge, in all my years in music (and elsewhere!), I’d never gone much beyond 35 minutes, but I’d always wanted to do something quite that epic. Even more intrigued, we Googled the label and discovered their Bandcamp site. It’s like an experimental music fan’s heaven, uncountable hours of sounds, and every album a free download to boot! That’s an awful lot of work for no pay, we were seriously impressed and subsequently inspired, so much so that we spent the rest of the day conceiving and realising this 60 minute long experimental work specially for them. The title roughly translates as “lengthy audio work with a pretentious title in Russian”, just in case you were wondering…

Disc 2 info;
A collection of curios, oddities and side projects we felt were simply too much fun not to release! These tracks were recorded to mark various dates and events, in between the assortment of other projects we’ve been involved with. It’s a lot easier on the ear than our experimental work and will probably still appeal to M.M.A.T.T. fans of old, especially the mashup, based around “The Starship Psychotron”, but with a more leftfield edge. “The A.F.C. Song” mixes football anthem with spacepunk, “Dance, Freak” is a harsh and rhythmic reworking of an old At Twilight Time project, “Stille Nacht” a quite avant garde electronic take on a seasonal favourite, and the “Jesus Is Dead / Has Risen” pair bookmark Easter Weekend with an EBM style and tongue very firmly in cheek.

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