What’s new on the Magic Net…

Yeah, this Magic Bullet thing…

You know – the counterparts from parallel realities / twins who tell
lies / something altogether far stranger thing…

Well, truth be told…

“Once Upon A Time: The Secret Origins Of”…


Currently, Skit and I are working on a split album with Bryan Baker
(Gajoob magazine) for Hal McGee’s Electronic Cottage ‘EC Splits’ series.
Tis a sort of concept-ish mini album, running complimentary to Bryan’s
half, called “Mi Casa, Su Casa”, and many of the pieces are created from
samples taken from various household machines and appliances. Got a very
special guest on board for a speaking part too, Mr. Owen Knight of
Blacklight Braille fame! Oh, and the wife… 😉

Watch the skies come November!

Hoping this finds you all safe and well, and don’t be a stranger…


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