Finnish gothic metal band released new EP : D.O.L – Between Love and Death

Finnish gothic metal act D.O.L has released their first EP “Between Love and Death”. Songs have been produced in two sessions in 2018 and 2020 and the tracks are written by the front man Eero ”MC” Veri. Themes are focused as a traditional gothic style around the concepts of love and death.

Opening track ”Recreational Death” is about the choices of life. If today would be the day you die, would the things in your life have gone the way you had wished?

The only cover song on the album is “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails) that is performed with recognizable D.O.L interpretation.

“My Juliet” that also is released as a single goes thematically to the story about how forbidden love leads to inevitable death.

“Between Love and Death” is an EP packed with heavy melancholy. And it’s also a cross-section of the D.O.L’s story as it’s been this far.

Listen the EP on music services:


Apple Music:




D.O.L is:

Eero ”MC” Veri – guitar & vocals

Hades – guitar

Lauri.M – keyboards

Jykä – bass

Catsy – drums

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