Janet Devlin – new EP

Janet Devlin is super excited to introduce you to her new EP, “Versions of Better”!

It’s a collection of different reworkings of the final track from Confessional, in ways you might not have imagined. Physicals available on my store for the avid collector! 🙂
‘Better Now’ is my absolute favourite track from Confessional and I knew I had to show it some love by delving deeper into the song. The alternative versions kind of represent the fact that everyone has their own version of what being or becoming “better” might look like. What I consider “better” may be considered a good day to some; but a breakdown to others. It could be something as simple as ringing my therapist, cooking a meal or even just knowing that today it’s okay to stay in bed if the world doesn’t feel safe!”‘Better” looks different to all of us – it means that it’s not as bad as it once was. The different soundscapes created for each version bring a new life to the track, and I hope you enjoy them 💓

J x

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