THEATRE OF TRAGEDY – Musique (20th Anniversary Edition)

It’s a long time since it was available – now the THEATRE OF TRAGEDY millennium opus with singer Liv Kristine called “Musique” is in stores again. For the first time ever this album is available as vinyl and each format comes with 11 bonus tracks besides the 11 regular album songs (amongst others it contains the French version of the track „Image“ and on top of that previously unreleased songs like “Quirk” and “The New Man” besides all the alternate versions of the album tracks).

Furthermore Jacob Hansen has been bestowed with the re-mastering of that unique album, in which he outstandingly succeeded: He made the songs sound way more modern and fresh.

With “Musique” the Norwegian Gothic-Metal pioneers have considerably deviated from their roots and instead made a big step towards popular rock music. Thus the band created a real exceptional record, which also can be led back to the change from traditional Gothic and supernatural lyrical themes to lyrics based on modern life, like technology (“Machine”, Radio”), nightlife (“Image”, “The New Man”) and streetfighting (“Crash/Concrete”).

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