Magic Bullet psychotronic web overhaul

Just a quick one to let those of you with the good sense to avoid Zuckerbergland (!) know that I’ve just uploaded 40+ pages of new content to the website, fleshing out the Magic Bulletins index some, and including at least basic info about every project we’ve done so far,
with a rather more significant amount on the albums (in particular Digitalis – 5 pages – and Mi Casa, Su Casa – 6 pages). Plan is to fill it all out more as I get the time, but there’s still that damned 168 hour a week working directive, huh!?¬†

¬†Still playing catch up to all the time we lost having Twizz at home with us for five months, but I’m
doing my best, promise. Hope you’ll enjoy a good browse through.

Stay safe & keep the faith!



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