Trailblazing American rock vocalist and musician Suzi Quatro’s brand new Christmas single ‘My Heart And Soul (I Need You Home For Xmas)’ is released today, December 4th, on all digital platforms via SPV Records. A touching, heart-warming video for the song has also just been unveiled

Even in the highly adrenaline-fueled music business, it’s rare to find a bundle of energy and talent on a par with Suzi Quatro, the multi-million-selling female rock pioneer who has enjoyed over 56 years of unrivalled success. With hits such as ‘Can The Can’, ‘48 Crash’, ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’, ‘She’s In Love With You’ and ‘Devil Gate Drive’ she became an icon in the seventies, and remains so to this day. Suzi’s hugely accomplished current album ‘No Control’ was released in March 2019, prior to a sold-out ten date headline UK Arena tour, ensued later in the year by the massively acclaimed documentary ‘Suzi Q The Movie’ in October 2019.

Suzi explains how ‘My Heart And Soul (I Need You Home For Xmas’) was created: “So, lockdown had just begun. My son was in the studio working on ideas every day for our next album, a perfect opportunity as neither of us was ‘on the road’. I was sitting on the patio, relaxing, and heard this absolutely beautiful track coming out of the open studio door. It was a bass line, with a sparse guitar chord, and drums. It was immediate for me. I ran into the studio (mask on of course), and told my son to set up a microphone, and without thinking, without writing anything down, I sang the first 4 lines of the song exactly as they ended up. That`s when you know you have a great song … and we do. Merry Xmas everyone!”

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