Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate and their singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Malcolm Galloway simultaneously release new EPs

New Releases From Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate and Malcolm Galloway

Award winning progressive rock band and frontman Malcolm Galloway simultaneously release new albums (rock and classical minimalist respectively)

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Feeling Great (EP)

Track list – 1) Feeling Great  2) Struggling 3) Callisto Cuddle Sponge 4) Skyline

Glass Castle Recordings GC4160

Written by Malcolm Galloway and Mark Gatland

Performed by Malcolm Galloway (vocals, lead guitar tracks 1 and 2, keyboards, producer) and Mark Gatland (bass guitar, Chapman stick and guitar (track 3), keyboards (track 2))

Pre-released on Bandcamp from 2/12/2020

General digital release 11/1/2021

Bandcamp link – https://hatsoffgentlemen.bandcamp.com/album/feeling-great

Malcolm Galloway – Wasp 76b (EP)

Track list – 1) Chrysalis 2) Wasp 76b

Plus additional Bandcamp exclusive bonus track – The Haber Process

Glass Castle Recordings GC4161

Written, performed and produced by Malcolm Galloway

General digital release date 11/1/2021

Bandcamp link – https://malcolmgalloway.bandcamp.com/album/wasp-76b

London-based genre defying band Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate release a new EP – Feeling Great, and their singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Malcolm Galloway is simultaneously releasing a solo classical/minimalist EP Wasp 76b.

Malcolm describes ‘Feeling Great’ as “an utterly depressing song, but it is honest. It reflects my experiences of invisible disability, but I suspect it also may describe the impact of the lockdown on many of us”.

‘Struggling’ is a bluesy instrumental, on which Malcolm is playing a Fender Stratocaster.

‘Callisto Cuddle Sponge’ is a more upbeat instrumental, named after an unpleasant parasite from a Philip K Dick novel. The track features Mark Gatland on Chapman stick, which is something like a bass guitar, but with an almost ridiculous number of strings.

The EP also features ‘Skyline’ as a bonus track. This electronic doodle was previously unreleased.

Both tracks on Malcolm’s solo EP ‘Wasp 76b’ are instrumental. Chrysalis starts as an almost static, atonal piece, but gradually changes under the surface, as it transforms towards a tonal minimalist ending.

Wasp 76b is named after the exoplanet. It is a little smaller than Jupiter and thought to be hot enough to vaporise iron on the side exposed to its star. The other side is less inclement, going down to 1400 degree Centigrade, sufficiently cool for iron to condense and rain as a liquid. Unfortunately recent data raise doubts about the presence of iron rain on the planet. The piece itself is in tradition of classical minimalism, but with added synths and two drum kits.

The Bandcamp edition comes with an exclusive almost 40 minute bonus track ‘The Haber Process’, previously released on his 2016 album ‘Still Life’.


Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate are an eclectic band, combining progressive/alt-rock, classical, experimental, electronic, and metal influences. Their performances are passionate and charismatic.

They were recently highlighted as Prog Magazine Limelight artists, and their most recent album was selected by two Prog magazine critics for their pick of the year 2020 selection.

They stepped in at the last minute to replace an injured band on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell’s Prog Festival November 2017, one of the world’s leading indoor progressive rock events. They performed to over 1000 people, opening for Magnum, Focus and Carl Palmer. They were described by Hard Rock Hell magazine as ‘unlikely stars who stole the show’, and by eFestivals as the ‘highlight of the festival’.

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate are Malcolm Galloway (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer) and Mark Gatland (bass, backing vocals, keyboards and co-producer), on their own, or with Kathryn Thomas (flute).

They have regularly broadcast on a wide range of radio shows internationally, ranging from shows focused on metal to BBC Radio 3.

Their music has been recommended by Steve Hackett (“I particularly enjoyed this album and I thoroughly recommend it”) and won many awards including:-

  • Prog Magazine Reader’s Poll Top 10 Unsigned Bands
  • Beasties Rock Show’s album of the year award (shared with Alice Cooper and Roger Waters)
  • Bandwagon Network Radio Song Of The Year
  • Banks Radio Australia’s best album and best producer category shortlist
  • Radio Wigwam Single Of The Year shortlist
  • Metal Mayhem Radio band of the month
  • American Veterans Radio artist of the week
  • NewEARS Album Of The Month award

The are currently finishing their sixth studio album, provisionally titled ‘The Confidence Trick’. The tracks on this EP are unrelated to the forthcoming album.

“Vocals that drip with passion and longing, ethereal flute and the achingly bluesy low-down guitar. Unashamedly progressive in its outlook…  gets under your skin with its elegant music and heartfelt vocals… an engrossing musical experience. ‘Broken But Still Standing’ is a brilliantly perceptive and original work of art that enthralls with every listen. Taken as a whole it is an utterly immersive musical experience that will captivate and enlighten the listener, Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate has to be one of the most creative and innovative artists out there today.” Prog Radar

Malcolm’s previous classical/minimalist album ‘Transitions’ was featured by Sid Smith in his highlights of the year selection for Prog magazine. He was recently featured on BBC Radio 3.

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