DIANE ARKENSTONE Shares Seductive New Single “IONS”

Diane Arkenstone, for over 20 years a pioneering musical force in a variety of genres, primarily vivid ambient and multi-cultural instrumental compositions as well as her singer/songwriter repertoire, is set to release a new single.  Titled “Ions,” the vocal track produced by Derek Nakamoto (Holly Near), is at once a whimsical ode to following one’s primal desires as well as a cathartic, life-affirming statement—written after pulling through a series of serious physical ailments.  The sleek groove of the song comes straight from her heart and effortlessly embodies her trademark sound that’s both sleek and effervescent.  “Ions” will be released digitally on December 18 and is taken from a forthcoming 6-song EP on Neo Pacifica Records.

Arkenstone is coming off of an incredibly prolific 2020 having recorded a flurry of singles spread out over a number of genres—a mix of vocal, ambient and orchestral as well as Celtic and Native American influenced compositions—musical explorations that she has honed for decades.  The vocal EP and forthcoming EP of instrumental work are collections of as yet unreleased tracks that represent some of her best work of the year.  

Listen to “Ions” here: https://youtu.be/BMlM6OpzfB8

Says Arkenstone: “’Ions’ was written recovering from six heart surgeries. I was inspired by how the heart and its electrical system function, and the electrolytes that are needed to keep it beating. I wrote ‘Ions’ on a Fender Strat after the surgery, and Derek Nakamoto, who is a joy to work with, helped bring it to life. Holding the guitar, very gently, and expressing feelings thru song, are very healing. 

It helped keep my mind off the pain.”

“Ions” Presave: https://orcd.co/arkenstoneions

For more information, visit:





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