Tarbathian Fortress – Estonian extreme metal

While almost everyone in the world was eagerly waiting for the wicked year 2020 to come to its fair end, the extreme metal split-album „Tarbathian Fortress” was released digitally 12.12.2020 and physically as 3-fold digipack on 02.02.2021 by Warhorn Records. The album showcases the co-operation of nine metal bands from Tartu, Estonia – every band recorded a previously unreleased song exclusively for the album.

Tartu is a small town in Estonia with only less than 100 000 people but has a thriving metal scene which many larger cities can only envy. „Tarbathian Fortress” draws together groups from the area of black, death and speed metal. The name of the album refers to ’Tarbata’, the ancient name of Tartu while the front cover displays the mutilated modification of the town’s coat of arms.

The fast-paced opener of the album Sküllfükk Satänik Slüts brings punky speed metal smelling of diesel, leather and unprotected sex. Ulguränd’s special brand of Ragnarok’n’Roll is born by inbreeding blackish dissonances and intensity with heavy metal riffing. Koffin, Igor Mortis and Swarn each propagate their own religious sect of the old school death metal vibes that reigned the genre in the late 80’s and early 90’s, while Ziegenhorn pushes the boundaries of aggressiveness even miles further. The black metal side of the vault is occupied by the ferocious and stubborn heathens of Kaev, insidious uncomforters of Langenu and restlessly experimental (and at times even industrial sounding) Form.

The whole idea of the project was to create a record with as much input from the local scene as possible, thus the recording, mixing, mastering and artwork all hold the „Made in Tartu“ label. It is the landmark that captures the essence of its time and space – a grimoire born in the fort of the desolate North in the middle of the Dark Age.

The full Split-Album on youtube:
    1. Sküllfükk Satänik Slüts – Satänik Sexüal Speed Riders (04:27)
    2. Ulguränd – Lõõm (04:01)
    3. Ziegenhorn – Ziegenkvlt (05:53)
    4. Koffin – Secrecy Of The Night (05:15)
    5. Igor Mortis – Voices From The Mausoleum (I Want To Rot) (03:16)
    6. Swarn – Sulphurous Rituals (02:47)
    7. Kaev – Mourning Of The Sinner (05:24)
    8. Langenu – Langetõbi (03:50)
    9. Form – Antecedent Garden (05:07)

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