It’s finally here: the SECOND Magic Bullet debut album!

Mick Magic says;

“That’s what “Digitalis” is all about for me, finally confronting the fear and disillusionment that had held me in stasis for so long. The fact it’s the name of a heart medicine, as well as hinting at the post-cassette underground technological revolution, is far from a coincidence, trust me!”

The whole session completed within a fortnight of our inception, this was always intended to be our debut album, but things didn’t quite turn out that way. It’s not like the beginning of the Magic Bullet project was definitively planned, it just kind of happened, and only then while I was still busy promoting the recent release of “The M&E Collection”.

The idea had been to wait to put it out in the New Year, as the start of an umbrella project we were going to call ‘Magic Bullet: The 2020 Vision’. Okay, not the most original of concepts, but the year has hardly turned out the way we’d all thought anyway! We’d set March 11th as the release date, a nod to the very first MMATT demo tape we put out way back in 1987, but then the Broken Tape Records thing happened, and when they released “Solidarietas” as a standalone rather than a compilation track, it effectively became our debut album instead, so we thought we’d hold on to this one just a little bit longer.

Then the world ended, who could possibly have seen that coming? So here we are, a further seven months down the line, a few weeks past our first birthday, Magic Bullet 2: The Sequel, this time it’s personal… ;->

Moe information and buying links are here – here.

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