The Magic Epic releases gorgeous new single ‘Sally’ for fans of 1970s era Billy Joel

Toby Juan AKA The Magic Epic grew up in suburban South London and moved to the coast after falling in love with Brighton where he began writing his own music in 2013.

He worked as a hod carrier and then became a full time busker after having enough of carrying bricks and cement one snowy morning in Redhill.
Many years busking has allowed Toby to perfect his craft and overcome his performance anxiety.
His influences include John Lennon & Otis Redding but he’s often likened to early Billy Joel.


Sally is a beautiful track about a friend of Toby’s who was a dancer and was heavily into the clubbing  scene. Her health suffered, which was a constant worry for him and then Sally had a brief fling with a guy they both knew and she became pregnant.
She never looked back at her clubbing days and her health restored, she started to glow like never before when her child was born. They were there for each other through their hard times and so this inspired Toby to write the song to honour the battles she went through to become what she is today. Sally also made him god father to her child.

The song is about knowing what love is for the first time and how having her child saved Sally. The track also features Iain Hornal from 10CC and ELO on backing vocal and bass guitar whilst the video was shot by Andy Baybutt who was behind the promo for The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’.

Before the panademic, Toby was about to record his debut album but obviously that was put on hold, looking ahead and given the recent news in the UK he’s able to start again. So for now, enjoy the stunning new single ‘Sally’.

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