MOONWORSHIPPER A love letter written in 3 chapters, against all odds, depicting despair in its purest form

Truly avantgarde and genre-bending releases are still a somewhat rare phenomenon, especially those few who are able to retain a strong narrative and cohesion despite the confluence of various sounds and influences MOONWORSHIPPER is one such act, blending together lo-fi black metal, with trip-hop, soundtrack music, doom, post-rock, and jazz. The debut EP of MOONWORSHIPPER “13 Fullmoon Nights of Loneliness” is the start of a planned conceptual trilogy which will be resolved over the coming months.


John Diva & The Rockets Of Love, the dynamic, hugely talented young Rock ‘N’ Roll quintet who definitively bring a massive breath of fresh air to eighties style classic rock music, have confirmed the release of their glorious second album ‘American Amadeus’, on Steamhammer / SPV on January 15th as a Digipak CD (inc. poster), double gatefold 140 gram black vinyl LP (with printed inner sleeves + bonus tracks), download and stream.

Discover the haunting music of THE CHANT OF TREES (Medidative Folk Metal)

Born in the depths of the forest, where the spirit intertwines with streams and waterfalls, THE CHANT OF TREES is a meeting with our most profound essence. A communion with the murmur that is hidden deep within the mist of the modern world, showing itself only to those really looking for it.