Janet Devlin – new EP

Janet Devlin is super excited to introduce you to her new EP, “Versions of Better”! It’s a collection of different reworkings of the final track from Confessional, in ways you might not have imagined. Physicals available on my store for the avid collector! 🙂 ‘Better Now’ is my absolute favourite track from Confessional and I knew I had to show it…

Georgia and The Vintage Youth Release ‘OVERTHINKER’

Joyous in tone and woefully relatable in its lyricism, OVERTHINKER puts into words what runs through every twenty-something-year-old’s head – “surely this can’t be it?” Truly a song of our times, OVERTHINKER has a bluesy feel that is carried off to perfection by Georgia and her retro-pop band, The Vintage Youth.