Edinburgh’s charismatic, dancing pianist Stephen McLaren

Taken from the forthcoming politically-charged dream-pop album “They Don’t Put Any Money in your Pocket” is the new single from Edinburgh’s dreampop troubadour Stephen McLaren “Put Me On The Television”which follows on from his critically acclaimed debut solo album, “We Used To Go Raving”

DIANE ARKENSTONE Shares Seductive New Single “IONS”

Diane Arkenstone, for over 20 years a pioneering musical force in a variety of genres, primarily vivid ambient and multi-cultural instrumental compositions as well as her singer/songwriter repertoire, is set to release a new single

Janet Devlin 2020 Confessional Tour

By September 2021 it will have been five years since I’ve done a national tour and I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve missed it! Releasing Confessional during lockdown meant all my live in-person promo and shows just couldn’t happen. This was so heartbreaking for me, because being on tour and singing my songs…