It’s finally here: the SECOND Magic Bullet debut album!

“That’s what “Digitalis” is all about for me, finally confronting the fear and disillusionment that had held me in stasis for so long. The fact it’s the name of a heart medicine, as well as hinting at the post-cassette underground technological revolution, is far from a coincidence, trust me!”

What’s new on the Magic Net…

Tis a sort of concept-ish mini album, running complimentary to Bryan’s
half, called “Mi Casa, Su Casa”, and many of the pieces are created from
samples taken from various household machines and appliances. Got a very
special guest on board for a speaking part too, Mr. Owen Knight of
Blacklight Braille fame

Flashbax O Ultimate: The Best Of Magic Moments At Twilight Time

What started out as an idea to reissue one of the Flashbax Tapes Series soon turned out in a demanding project driven by the enthusiastic Mick Magic to create an ultimate Flashbax, showcasing the best of M.M.A.T.T…. featuring all the different line-up’s with Shona Moments, Lulu Jackson, Pete Program, Kate Twilight and Jay Time performing…