What’s new on the Magic Net…

Tis a sort of concept-ish mini album, running complimentary to Bryan’s
half, called “Mi Casa, Su Casa”, and many of the pieces are created from
samples taken from various household machines and appliances. Got a very
special guest on board for a speaking part too, Mr. Owen Knight of
Blacklight Braille fame

The Magic Bullet – Multiplicitas – 2CD experimental psych

The first two Magic Bullet download releases, “Solidarietas” and “Curiositas”, are now available as a special 2 disc set under the name of “Multiplicitas”. Tracklist; Disc 1 01 Длинная Aудио Pабота C Претенциозным Hазванием Hа Pусском Языке (60:00) Disc 2 01 M.M.A.T.T. 33 Mashup (9:29) 02 The A.F.C. Song (6:00) 03 Dance, Freak (6:28) 04 Stille Nacht (8:25) 05 Jesus…