Jonny Ong blasts onto the psych scene with Handpan-driven ‘Isolation’

Jonny Ong is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the island country of Singapore, who was inspired by a busker in Amsterdam to pick up the Handpan. Incorporating this unusual instrument into his songs, Ong creates a wholly original sound which nevertheless manages to be incredibly universal in its themes.


Currently based in London. Jonny started his musical journey at the age of 10 where he sang covers of Frank Sinatra for family birthdays. It was only during his high school years when Jonny first discovered the joy of The Beatles and decided to learn guitar. He went on to performing and eventually writing, recording and producing his own music.


During his teenage years, Jonny found a deep obsession for psychedelic music and how songs usually had unconventional instruments layered into the mix.


‘Isolation’ is a perfect blend of all those influences, skills, instruments and song writing drawn from the many years of studying his craft. The song is a cry for company and appreciation in the face of a life-altering break-up, but is something we can certainly all relate to right about now. It’s a lamentation of loneliness, but it’s also so much more – an example of the kind of intuitive and impressive songwriting that Ong is capable of. 


It’s a song which revels in its unconventionality, presenting it confidently in the form of a topic we can all relate to (even aside from quarantine, that post-breakup loneliness is a universal feeling if ever there was one). It’s also not a song which wallows in sadness, instead celebrating the exquisite range of human emotion, painful emotions included. 








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